Sunday, January 08, 2006

raging storm

its like a storm brewing inside me..
very different frm wht i was originally gonna write..

i d been trying to start writing a short story frm quite some time.. but i was nt geared up for it.. n today u fired me up for tht.. n thn quite suddenly.. it all squshed.. i dint even do wht id said i do.. dint write a mail.. dint write out tht excerpt.. dint write wht i had in mind..

all i m doing is.. brushing away the tears tht keep welling up in my eyes.. philoshophising.. n kicking my own ass..

i m being cold hearted.. but i cant seem to do it wholly... like i m falling short somewhere..

i hate being at odds wit my mom.. i hate not being able to look at her so tht she wont see the swell of love in my eyes..

oh its a storm all right.. its a raging storm inside me.. brewed to full force.. to its full destructive force.. n no philosophical quagmire can beat it now

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