Saturday, January 21, 2006

an intro to the rest of the entries losted today..

well theres more.... a lot more.. but i guess i ll update tht after u finish this much.. since this is a lot too.. after i see ur comments on this much.. i ll update the rest.. n my advice to u whn u start reading the rest of the entries is tht u start frm below.. coz thts where jan 1st starts..
n i love u bhai.. i love u a lot..
look at this blog as a creation specially for u.. coz i want u to know wht i m thinking feeling.. n u know i dont give tht access to everybody.. rather almost nobody..wish u could understand me..

its not tht i m hiding tht blog frm u.. i m just trying to keep some parts of me secure.. so tht i remain sane.. n strong.. i cant whine n cry abt lil things to u always can i.. i ll have to stand up on my own.. n standing up for wht i feel.. think.. n see.. thts a way to b strong..
n i know u ll support me in this initiation to b strong..

1 comment:

creative genius said...

okk you wanted a comment ...

it is just the way u write i like so much tht i wanted u to send me all the blogs...

also i miss u guys so much tht i feel it was a good way to connect to you all..

as i told you its ur call...

ne how happy blogging..