Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pasta-E-Fagioli and some news

I have recently started writing food features for an online magazine, Leacock's. Yea, yea, I know its a funny name, but go check us out.

My first article for them of course had to be one of my funniest moments in cooking. The time Petrovski started cooking for me and kept me in the dark about what the dish was for almost 3 years. He made this Pasta and beans dish that he called Mac-N-Beans Russian style and it became one of our comfort foods. He does this thing where once he discovers that I like something, he won't let me know what exactly it is. Just so he can make/buy/get it for me all the time. He does that for wine too. I honestly don't know the name of my favorite wine!

Anyway, here is the pasta dish that I finally weaseled out of Petrovski. It's true comfort food. I din't grow up eating it, but I wish I had!