Saturday, December 31, 2005

a riot of emotions

a riot of emotions

a new year... my archive on this blog will show jan.. 2006... one more year gone.. one more year more year which would distance me frm those few years... one more year towards a more mature me.. a more older me.. n tht makes me soo glad.. i m glad i m older..i m glad i m leaving my baggage behind me...

n i had planned to bring in the new year in the best possible way i could.. it was fun.. spending the night at dhrumin's .. commenting on how fat who is.. who needs to get wht done to thmselves.. who dances how.. n who has wht kind of a body.. n stupid stuff.. poor dhrumin.. whn he was alone.. he got really really flabbergasted.. at how much we could comment on useless things.. lol
after tht we spent time watching some silly foolish fantasy movie abt hobbits n elves n rings.. lol yeah.. ur favourite.. lord of the rings.. sweethearts tht my frnds r they actually sat down n explained the entire plot n all the characters of the movie to me...thn hardik came.. he was looking differnt thn usual.. clean shaved n well dressed for a change.. but i still vehemently fought whn someone said tht he was good looking.. lol i ll never admit it.. not till my dying days..

we made maggi.. shared it.. ate butter scotch icecream.. well everyone ate the butterscotch icecream i ate the butterscotch in it.. much as they might not have liked it they dint protest.. thn i got bored whn the next movie was being seen by thm too.. so i went in to sleep.. actually i meant to go out soon enough whn they d start missing my presence.. plus.. hardik had stretched out in the couch outside so i figured i could go in n sleep in the main bedroom..

sure enough dhrumin came in to call me out soon.. n i said i d join thm in 10 mins after catching a catnap... n i went to sleep thn..woke up directly at 6 45.. strolled around the home.. kissed anu n divz n whn right back to sleep.. was woken up briefly at 8 n thn was rudely woken up at 9 by hardik.. after which everyone parted ways..n hardik dropped me back home.. came home..made pinacolada n the proceedings for jahnvi bhabhis muuh dikhai started..all in all a good it was supposed to be..