Friday, January 06, 2006

an encounter with sewages in the not so bollywood style

an encounter with sewages in the not so bollywood style

u know.. although i m totally against all superstitions n all.. i m slowly starting to believe ppl who tell me tht there a "buri nazar" on me.. some stupid nazar it is which makes something wrong happen wit me .. n thn drags me under everyones eyes..

i so hate this... everyone who calls wants a first hand account of wht happened.. n everyone comes home to see the cast on my leg... even whn i sy its ot much.. it does nt hurt much.. they figure tht its pretty serious just coz i have a weeks bed rest.. folks.. wake up.. its just a week.. its nothing compared to wht it could have been..

n wht is it with mumbai n its dug up roads.. every bloody place u turn.. theres a huge gaping winding passage of dug up dirt..someone in mumbai likes its underground more thn its normal cemented or even the dambarred road..

since the july deluge.. whn my leg almost got stuck in a broken manhole.. i used to make it a point to stay away frm manholes.. the main road outside my college has been dug up too.. n they v left namholes wide open... lots of thm.. one after the other.. i used to look out for thm n stay away..once bitten twice shy.. never again..

but it seems tht manholes n falling in thm was written in my kismet..
n it seems tht just cursing the dug up roads was too less.. i had to experience the depths of its surface up close.... kismet

well so.. the oshiwara road.. was dug up.. like the rest of mumbai.. all the uncemented parts ie dambar had been broken into small peices.. n scattered over the very same surface it had been broken out of..wt sense tht makes...i have no idea.. the stupid BMC is answerable for tht..

so the road had been heaped up..totally.. n it was 1 in the night..or morning.. whichever way whoever likes it.. we were there printing our hardcopy for fridays presentation.. since we had been working our butts of on this presentation.. it was like my baby.. n since priyanka had fallen sick the day before.. all the last minute prep.. which was more thn just prep.. it was altering the entire project.. had fallen on my head.. as usual..

so we were there.. getting stuff printed n everything.. while i was frmatting the excel sheets.. the other ppl in my grp were jsut sitting around for company.. n pri was in my car wit dad.. mom had come over in the cafe.. so tht her presence would speed things up.. i had called mom dad to oshiwara (thnk god!!) since it was tht late..n i d need to leave at any minute.. so... there we were.. finally winding up.. since i had to go home n work thru the night..

whn mom n me headed out of the cafe.. gautam was outside.. another grp member.. talking to his gf on the phone.. we stepped down n i side stepped on to one heap of dambar..n whoosh..i was on a downfall..

my right leg.. which i had kept on the heap which was not really a heap of cement but it was some slippery muck.. had slid straight down into an abyss.. an unending abyss.. as it seemed while i was falling.. my left leg.. still on terra firma.. was being pulled down coz the rest of my body was unfortunately following the suit of my right leg.. so my poor left leg got ll mangled while it came down.. n i hit terra firma again.. or maybe it was nt firma.. it was watera..

i was face to face with the bowels of mumbai.. looking rght into the walls of underground sewage systems.. water lapped at my ankles.. not water.. sticky.. thick.. dark.. murky.. liquid..i assume i was screaming while i went in.. thts how ppl around me realized.. id gone down under..

also.. my military training came to the rescue.. or thts wht i like to believe.. somehow reflexively i had put my hands below my torso whn i realized tht i was falling.. tht saved my upper body, head n the other leg frm being hurt.. coz my hands took all my weight..

the minute i realized tht i had finally reachd the end of the 6 feet unending abyss... i immediately tried to get up.. gautam n mom were screaming above my head (literally) for me to give thm my hands.. i just asked thm to let go of me.. coz i needed to stand by myself.. i heard a plop.. like something fell frm my person..
fearing the worst i asked wheres my cell.. som poor guy who d run to my rescue said he had it.. i reached in for my USB Port.. it was in my pocket.. i fished it out n handed it to gautam.. it had all my project work in it.. all our efforts.. next i reached up to my ears to check if my earring were in place.. k dont laugh.. this is nt funny.. but i loved those earrings.. i lost one of thm.. it fell in.. tht was wht the soft plop was all abt.. or mayb it was an insect.. yuk.. anyway the earring was missing.. i went all frantic.. n gautam was yelling on me abt y i was cribbing for tht in there of all places.. little did he know the value of it.. anyway

thn my brave n valiant mom said tht she n gautam would pull me out.. n i asked her to back off.. i asked her to go get dad.. i dint want her sliiping into the manhole wit me.. so dad was informed since we was dozing in the car.. he n gautam pulled me out.. with the help of some other guys who had gathered around.. irritatingly.. they pulled my shirt out before thy pulled me out.. lol no i was nt disrobed.. but my shirt was kind of displaced frm its place..n surprisingly.. for the first time in my life.. i was nt embarassed coz of it.. too much pain i think..
i was pulled out n taken into some place next to the cafe.. where my dad first question to me was... why did u go in there.. unbelieveable.. i answered tht i wanted to take a dip in the water.. so i dived in.. except tht i dint know how to dive.. n we all burst out laughing.. n my frnds.. shweta n all.. came in thn n were shocked to see me in tht condition.. gautam n dad n khozi asked me to flex my toes to check if there was a fracture.. i could easily do it.. so wht i had in my left leg was just pain.. i limped back to my car.. n alli kept grumbling abt was my earring n thn i started wailing whn i saw khozi.. it just struck me.. the presentation.. those blundering idiots knew nothing.. how d they get thru it.. they just asked me to relax n leave ..
n in the car the real pain began.. tears just started streaming down my face.. i was crying... sobbing desperately.. in pain.. i was biting my lip so tht i would nt scream out in pain.. n my leg lost all movement.. mom called my mama tha doctor.. n he asked us to go straight to the hospital.. where i stripped.. washed up.. n wore some weird hospital gown..they took my x ray.. declared tht i dint have a fracture.. n the doc advised me to stay on in the hospital only.. i was given an injection on my butt.. imagine the nurse saw my naked butt.. god.. if i had been my normal self i would have fainted with embarassment..anyway.. all this time priyanka had been taking my pictures.. the cast, the brace.. the injection (no butt showing in it) look at the sass of tht

i was strolled into a room with three beds.. priyanka was forced to go home n sleep.. n mom got me clothes n stuff to get the night away..

tht was the ordeal of the night.. early morning i led my grp thru wht they had to do in the presentation.. spoke to my prof n told him wht had happened n tht i would b able to make it..

later in the morning the doc declared tht i could go home after gving me a few more injections n medicines.. n declared tht i had a "soft tissue injury" n it could result in something much worse if i just let it rest.. so he showed me a few exercises to do.. n i was packed off home..

n since thn.. i ve gotten tired of repeating most of this to countless ppl.. who keep calling n coming home to see me.. n marvel at the cast n the brace.. n my encounter with the much publicised (in bollwood films) sewage system of mumbai..

i ll update the pics priyanka took by today evening.. most probably.. they r absoluetly hilarious.. pics of me in pain n whn i was laughing in the x ray room.. n pics of me taken tht day before i fell in.. she also took pics of me after i took a bath n came out.. in my towel n the cast wrapped in plastic.. i look terrible in most bt wht the heck..

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DDude said...

Got this link from IPad and I must say that I am glad you are OK. I have had a major fear of open manholes since I was young cause. My mom used to scare me with stories so that I don't let go of her hands. The manhole issue has been around for the last 20 years!