Wednesday, March 22, 2006

things to do

i am gonna start studying today
i am gonna see the physiotherapist today
i am gonna do accounts today
i am not gonna see being cyrus tomm if i dont finish the above
i am not gonna go out tonite if i dont finish the above
i am not gonna eat more thn one peice of cake at hardiks today
i am not gonna shop anymore..

oooh.. i just forgot to write abt wht i shopped the other day for.
u wont believe the size of the ring i bought a few days back. its huge and beautiful. priyanka and amar loved it, i loved it. but shrirang thinks its flashy. i dont. its got bluish purple zircons on it, with a line of white diamonds (zircons) and its huge. its made of silver with a rodium polish on it. i ll put the pic up too.

its the best peice of jewellry i have ever bought for myself. and it looks fabulous on my hand. i have been in love with it since the day i saw it. thnkfully priyanka said she dint want it so i bought it. coz she had seen it before me, so i dint want to get it if she was getting it. it would have been unfair. anyway she went aahead and ordered one too. this ring fits so snug on my fingers. and it looks like it belongs there. its not something tht can be worn everyday so i really have to stop myself frm wearing it eevryday.

i cant believe i m gushing abt a piece of jewellry so much.


KDS said...

your hand looks beautiful. so does the ring. So do your nails. Pretty woman.

KDS said...

I forgot to say fingers. You have beautiful fingers.

destiny said...

well...well..well.. i dint know u were growing nails,,, but neways,, tht ring looks smart,, keep shopping gud stuff..