Sunday, March 12, 2006

brokeback mountain

i saw brokeback mountain today. my companion refused to understand the emotion behind the movie, and needless to say got bored stiff. expected. teaches me to go for such movies with intellectual ppl only. i should have seen it with priyanka. she might not haveliked it, but i think she d have appreciated the movie for itself. i wonder if tht makes sense.

i understood one thing co of the movie. love is a force of nature. its not soething u can fight, nor something u can hide frm. if u love someone u should nt... u cant change it. no matter how hard u try, no matter how many ppl u date, how many u sleep with nor who u marry. its just gonna stick with u. no matter wht.

iguess this is too big a lesson to learn frm a movie. but, its realistic. u deny it, u do wht the world, family, and frnds want u to do.. but ultimately wht u want is going to be there deep somewher.. even if its buried deep within only to resurface once in a planned bloody while.

like jack twist loves brokeback mountain for the special times he had there.. te same way everyone might have tht some little nook in the world. it might b a country, a city, a lake, a hotel, a house or even a lil green room. n thn tht lil green room will stick by with u for the rest of ur life. it might get destroyed but it ll stay on in ur mind, i ur memories forever. but forever will end too.

like jack some might accept wht life hands out and work life, dreams and future around the truth. while like ennis some might deny, fight and not accept wht life has handed thm. ultimately it will be ennis who ll suffer the most, like in the movie. jake dies a tragic but quick death, but it will be ennis who ll die a slow and lonely death.

life sucks.


creative genius said...

i havent seen the movie.

but i agree that its better to see a movie with those people who have a taste for it.

back to the whole issue of the movie.
i guess u have learned and got the message of the movie

there are certain reality that we got to face and understand tht we live in a world tht not just people like ourself who have a different option abt life and its prespective.

Life doesnt suck . We just have to try and make the best of wht we have

Anonymous said...

i doesnt suck....we should try and make the best out of what we have....there are people who have it all and there are people who dont have anything...the difference between these people is that the former dont show what they dont have and the latter doesnt show what they isnt made up of two or three big things but of lots of little things......its about the way you look at things...if you are WANTING to find faults and will sure as hell come to you....but easier than to find some happiness and peace

Anonymous said...

life sucks.

pragni~dreamcatcher~ said...

hey.. i know who is anonymous one.. but who is anonymous two?? or is it the same person??