Monday, March 27, 2006

the next commonwealth games at india

delhi is hosting the next commonwealth games in 2010. hmm.. although i assume most of the sports world is aware of this, it came as quiet a surprise to me. delhi.. hmmm... its pretty, clean, green and spacious. i was particularly impressed with the city whn i was visiting recently. it has wide spacious roads, lots of malls, lots of air, lots of flowers. mmm i guess i m looking at it as an outsider. but i wonder wht abt the facilities??does delhi hav e more sports structures than mumbai?? or rather any other indian country?? or is planning on upgrading all its amenities.

stadiums, pools, ranges, tracks, pits, grounds, lord knows how much more infrastructure will be required. plus since the city will b playing host internationally, i guess they ll undergo a major makeover. a facelift in terms of looks and charms. swishing scrapers, towers, gardens, fountains, the works. i wontbe around till thn.. i ll most probably be recording the reinvention sitting a million miles away, saat samundar paar.

i was already so charmed with the city this time round.. hope i can see it then too.. hmm mayb if some certain frnd of mine decides to get married thn.. aha...

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