Wednesday, March 29, 2006

putting myself in proper shape

since, my days here are numbered (really, maybe i'm just being super melodramatic), all my check ups have begun. today was my final dental treatment. its taken the doc around 6 sittings to clean up my teeth. he finished it today.

i still remember my first day with him so well. i entered his clinic and like a trusting sheep lay down on his chair. and thn i very innocently asked him, "will it hurt??"
"no, not at all", he replies.

now this doc, he really soft spoken, as in, he speaks so softly u have to strain ur ear to hear him. and he hardly ever seems excited over anything. not even whn my mom was handing him a whopper 5 figure cheque. and hes always smiling so genially, like, he s neevr ever had a tooth problem in his life. so when he tells me so confidently tht it wont hurt, i (equally confidently) believe him.

and then he begins his job. and by god, it hurt. pain is normally hot. it sends searing juts of hot ache in the body. but this pain, when it hurts, it sends ice cold pain up my mouth. cold to the core. shoots cool, freezing pain. its a different kind of pain. something which makes u wince and then frown. like an everlasting frown.

atleast now it wont happen again. he s asked me to take care of my teeth and then thankfully i wont have to go to him again.

the other doc i m visiting is my physiotherapist. she's someone i v known since childhood, we live in the same building. so now i m going to her swanky department, where the only male is her HOD whos a bald fat muslim man. no offense meant for anyone who qualifies in this but well they dont count in my list. so now over there, my poor left knee is subjected to hot parafin wax, vibrations, ultra sound treatments.

soon my leg will be fine, and hopefully my body will be ship shape as they say. if i have learnt one thing thn it is tht dentist and doctors in general are not to be believed when they claim a no hurt no pain clause.

n now i understand all those dentist jokes and taunts. HA!

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