Friday, March 16, 2007

Sand, Sea, Gola and Peace..

A tantrum, a yearning from a longgg time and the need to placate my craving had me at the beach late last night. After a long long long longgg time.

I felt the sand stick to me calves, and the wind and the sea mist make the air shimmer. I felt the sweetness of a Gola on my lips and the grainy sand enveloping every exposed inch of skin. While I sat peacefully, yes, I had made peace with myself, on the cool sand, the long towers of lights looked down on us. The beach was not crowded, of course it wouldn't be, middle of the night. And surprisingly the shops were all open and thriving from the looks of it.

I was hoping for a stark, isolated look, but that would be a little more further on. Where I sat, the lights played with the sand. An old man still cajoled us to buy a balloon and another still came to sell chana chor garam. A lot of married couples, a lot of young boys and a few rare families. But still the beach was not crowded. The sea was lovely, inviting, beckoning. But I was stopped with a dire warning. It seems the sea has been pulling in a lot of people these days, and especially in the nights. The night is a dark sultry inky blue-black. But the sand has a golden hue to it.

The light plays with the sand. The music playing gently(?) from the back, its a lovely lilting song, Maula mere, from Anwar, plays with my mind. I'm relaxing, slowly, I can feel it.

The sea has always done wonders for me. And the wind. And something sweet. A small plop of Rose Gola falls on my leg. My pajamas and my calves are sticky and sweet and pink. My glasses are crooked and falling of my nose, and red shirt is stained. My feet and hands are covered with grains of gold dust. The air smells fascinating. Not a sea-fish smell and not a dank, damp smell. It smells magical.

SCAD was in a beach town. One of the main reason why I wanted it. But SCAD doesn't matter anymore.

UPDATE: SCAD emailed me again. Now they say that I'm eligible, but I just need to send them one more thing!! And somehow I care two hoots now. I guess I'll visit Savannah someday when I'm in USA. To go to the beach.


Anonymous said...

thanks for this~ a delicious moment spent vicariously at the beach through you. now if you could just blog abt naturals...

Pragni~The Dream Catcher~ said...

hmm and thats an idea.. but I wonder if I could be that descriptive about it..