Thursday, March 01, 2007

Finishing.. but getting finished too..

"So why did you do it??" she asked him.
"I know, I know. It was the wrong thing. I just realized it too late."

She sat ramrod straight as he looked everywhere except into her eyes. This from the person who loved looking into her eyes. She knew that he still loved her. That Seven years of distance hadn't dimmed his desire or feelings. But seven years had dimmed her innocence and naivete.

"I shouldn't have lied to you. I know. You were the most important person in my life."

Painfully she noted the were. Past tense. The first slap.
"So you realize it now."

"I got angry when you dint call me on my birthday. It was always so important for you. And when I called you made the pretext of not being available."
"I was sitting right there. I did not want to talk to you" she clarified.
"I knew it. But I dint know why you did that."
"You dint know why? You dint know when i cried the entire week 7 months before that day."
"Seven months before?? Why then?"

Great. He dint even remember the day she found out all the truth. The day she sat waiting for him at the café. Looking at the door, waiting for him to swing in, armed with the truth and not lies. He dint even know now, after seven years, that that was when her soul died and her heart broke. That was when she stopped believing she had a heart.

"What was seven months before??"
"Nothing important"
"Don't say that to me. I remember all the significant dates. And I remembered you on all those days. You dint."

But that doesn't even matter. Her mind yelled. Those silly days, dint matter, this did. But her mouth remained shut. The second slap.

"I am my own man now. I am standing on my own feet. My own business. My own empire. My hard-earned money."
"So? You think money every mattered to me? I was a kid then, barely 17, I dint care if you earned just 7000 bucks."
"But now no one can tell me that I cant dare look at you."
"Maybe not. But tell me. Why did you do all that?? What did you want to achieve through me?"
"Achieve?? How could I achieve anything of you. You are the one. That's all you ever were"

He's confused about what he's saying. She thought. He doesn't even understand me anymore.

"I wont marry anyone. Don't worry" He said out of the blue.
"How would that matter to me?" she said.
"I wont let your dream come true. Even then, you used to tell me that if things don't work out between us you wanted me to get married elsewhere."
"I don't care either ways", she muttered. But he dint quite catch it.

After a pause she said, "Yea right. You are gonna get married soon buster"

"Well my parents might get me married. But you will be the first one to get an invite" The third slap.
"You wont know where I'll be from tomorrow. You wont be able to see me ever again."
"Oh that's good. Else I would have hunted you down, if I knew where to find you." Slap four.
You dint do that all these years. Her mind screamed again.

"You were my past. And you will not be my future" Slap number Five. And Touchdown.
"You were my nothing. And will never be anything for me." She retorted back and pushed her chair away. She walked out of the café. She felt small. Very small. Petty. And naive. All over again.

But for the rest of the day, she had only one thought in her mind.

Well even if I dint come to know what I wanted to know. At least it's out of my mind. I can start living again. She rushed home to him, and said, "Darling, its over. I met him today and.."

That's when she realized that even he had shut the door on her face. The Final Slap.

And this one hurt. But a lifetime of hurts had numbed her too much to be able to cry.


'nonnymus said...

some wrongly read, some wrongly told....
well writte though. is this a true story?

Aniruddha said...

ouch! that one must have hurt her .. real or fiction !

Pragni~The Dream Catcher~ said...

'nonnymous sir- Wrongly told, and wrongly read.. does not have to be incorrect really, can be just different perspectives..

Ani- It's under Tall Tales.. anyway, I believe that every piece of fiction is someone's true story somewhere. It's not a co-incidence.. but it surely must have happened somewhere in this vast population of earth.

The last slap must have hurt. It must have stung in fact. ok, I;m gonna add a line to the end.

Aniruddha said...

Just curious why anonymous was called as 'sir' and not 'madam' ? ;)

Pragni~The Dream Catcher~ said...

Ani- During one of our debates-thru-comments, he identified himself as an older and more mature man, than us "kids".. since then he's been nonnymous sir, with regard to his age and (because he likes to think it) maturity !!

Right sir??

Anonymous said...

One 'anonymous' is same as the other 'anonymous' ?

Pragni~The Dream Catcher~ said...

anonymous-which is why anonymous postings shouldnt be allowed!! Lol.. seriously, thankfully, we can identify 'nonnymous from Anonymous.. but if anymore anonymouses turn up, I will just have to be confused!! :(

'nonnymus said...

actually you can't ! anyone can post as 'nonnymous ! :) .. like I am !

and I agree, Anonymous comments should not be allowed at all .. I second that!

Pragni~The Dream Catcher~ said...

ok now I'm confused.. and you did it to confuse me..
What I meant was tht I have a regular 'nonnymous commentor and he can be identified as the regulars coz of his distinction..but there you go.. ruining it all!! ;)

if you second that, then how about giving us a name instead of Anonymous or 'nonnymous..

Aniruddha said...

Guess ! ;)

Aniruddha said...

Actually you can set the options about who can comment on your post, if you change it from 'Anyone' to 'Registered members' ... that should help !

Chintan said...

sounds similar to a story i know .. except the ending that is narrated here...
Would like to know wht happened before all this. that would be interesting too

'nonnymus said...

Sigh. looks like someone stole my name back there!! Im 'nonnymus 'sir' though as pragni prefers to call me. Whoever this new bugger is might consider not confusing identities with me or i'll get another huge swig of ego tht people consider me important enough to imitate!!

Pragni~The Dream Catcher~ said...

Ani- I know.. but there are these regular people now who comment without leaving a link so I dont want to disappoint them..

By the way.. like i said.. i almost guessed it was you..

Chintan - Like I said, every piece of fiction is someone's true story, somewhere or the other.. and going back to what happened before this would not make it just a tale.. it would become a novel!!

'nonnymous sir- no one stole your name yaar, that was my leg being pulled.. what was that?? Did I hear the sound of a balloon deflating??

Sakshi said...

Hey...on a diff note here.

I have mail you...but I think it might be stuck in your spam pls check.


chintan said... its me "J"....!! good blog...n!!