Thursday, March 15, 2007


I'm throwing a terrible tantrum right now. All in my mind. It can't be. I fought for this. I bloody wanted it. Even if it was not the best among all my choices, I wanted it.

I got a reject. And as if evident I don't take rejection well. I can't be practical and say,
"Oh it's just one school out of the eight very good ones I have applied. And its not even the best. And I already have two accepts from some of the best, this and this."

I can't be sentimental and say,
"Oh hark my love, I fought for applying to you, even though my brother, and your arch enemy was against you. I stood for you and... Et Tu Brutus"

I can't be funny and say,

"Maybe now my now-deceased dream of not really going to USA will come true."

Like my good friend Tag Heuer says it.

And I can't be angry and say,
"@#$$# @$#% @%%%@#$ IF YOU WANT TO REJECT ME, ATLEAST GIVE ME A REAL REASON. BE A MAN, A REAL MAN.. (or be a real university atleast)

I can't be the murti (statue dint sound good) of calm and peace and say
"It's a part of life, my child. Bade bade desho mein, aisi stupid idiotic unreasonable cheeze hoti rehti hai."

I can't be grateful and say
"Mum had predicted that I'd get two rejects. Its good its this university, since my brother had already black-tongued it. (Kaali Zubaan and all..)"

I can't be any. I want a tub of ice cream, and I want a bar of chocolate. Several. I want misery and I want to get into SCAD.


So I'm throwing a tantrum. Stomping my feet and cursing. In my mind...


IdeaSmith said...

Owtch...that's painful. Will you believe me if I tell you that in a few years (or who knows, months?), you'd have gone on with life without what you wanted and you'll look back and wonder why you wanted it so much? Of course you won't. So I'm just saying I'm sorry for now and here's a HUGGG!

'nonnymus said...

it deserves a tantrum, no less..

Aniruddha said...

oh dear ! ... I am sooo sorry for you ! I know how much you wanted it ! mroe than any other university ...

but as ideasmith said above, a few years down the line, you will realize that whatever happened happened for the best ! trust me on this one ... Its hard to accept it at this point, I know ! But just believe in yourself and move on ...

Pragni~The Dream Catcher~ said...

Idea- :) Better now.. thanks..

'nonnymous Sir- Tantrum and Gola!!

Ani- Thanks.. moving on.. And yes I agree, whatever happens, happens for the best..