Sunday, March 11, 2007

Losing a catch or stepping back from it..

Life can be weird. It throws up the best things possible. But you will most probably step back to avoid the hit. The hit of good things in your life.

There are people who will enter your life, make an impact in those few moments of interaction. Imapct enough for you to start caring about them. And never turn around and tell them that you care. Is that being inexpressive or expression-phobia??

And then when those very people are in a soup, you'd like to go upto them and tell them,

"'Hey hang in there. I might not matter a lot to you, but I'm right here. If you need anything."

But you are still smarting from that blow you took of the good things, or the throw that you missed, so you'll prefer to just keep quiet. Or you'd prefer to let them think that you are not the clingy types.

Do unto others what you would want others to do unto you.

In life, there will always be very few people who will realize what is happening inside you. And even then, you might not have answer to their concerns about you. You might not have answers to your own questions!!

Someone wise I know says, moods are supposed to be mastered.

Someone shrewd I know says, you cant decide or shape other's future.

I say, eat a chocolate!!

P.S. : Someone I know, recently gave me some very very good news, and included me in it!! You know I'm talking about you.. so I'd like to tell you that I was thrilled by your news, and by the fact that I was the first to know it. I dunno why!! Thanks!!And congrats.. lets bring out the chocolates!! I mean champagne...


Aniruddha said...
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Aniruddha said...

Well, how do you know before hand whether the thing that life is throwing at you is a 'good' thing ? You either have to belive everything happens for the best and go ahead n face it or be careful about it .. a choice to be made by oneself ..

expression-phobia is pretty common if you see and its due to lack of knowledge about the other party .. the other person could be really good and you could get a really nice friend but things could also go wrong ..

and btw, chocolates, champagne ... while you are at it, can we also get some molten chocolate cake as well ;)

Aniruddha said...

damn - why does the link above to 'Molten chocolate cake' doent work/ show up ? (so that you know/ remember what I am talking about)

'nonnymus said...

trouble with chocolate is, it dosent last forever.. and it costs.
n the worst part is ppl u expect u to buy it for u normally disappoint u!
smtimes ppl eat chocolates whn that happens too.. women mostly...
sigh.. hopeless