Friday, March 23, 2007

Mandira Bedi and me...

"Has Mandira Bedi put on weight?" asks my mother, early in the morning at 10 when I have just slunk onto my chair for my life-saving element; coffee.

But the phrase 'put on weight' wakes me up completely, "I have"

Mom makes a face." Mumbai Mirror says that Mandira Bedi has put on weight, her hair is tousled, and her look is messy." "So what's so bad about that," I grumble,"I am all of that and more.."

"She needs to cover her arms and not wear tight stuff around her bust."

"Ah.. well..."

"She needs to wear her khadi kurta, pick up a jhola and go back to direction," says Mum quoting Prahalad Kakkar.

"I already wear khadi kurats, I already carry a corduroy jhola cum bag, and I want to go back to direction, if Prahalad Kakkar will take me."

"Her hair is tossed wrong and is shorter than last year" that's from some other designer or so..

"My hair is tossed, no rights and wrong about it, and at any and everytime of the day it is flying in mutinous directions, and it is shorter than last year too."

She wore plunging neck lines, halters and noodle straps last year.

"Uhh.. trump card, I was never fit enough to wear any of the three."

Mum sighs deeply and says.. these celebrities, even if they put on five Kgs of weight, it's so evident.

Aaah.. looks like she has forgotten that I'v put on five Kgs too. "How does it matter either ways Mum?"I ask wearily.

"But it shows on you too." she growls suddenly!!

Maybe that's why I've been having these mood swings...


Anonymous said...

hmm.. people notice all that about cricket commentators? all i notice is how uncomfortable,weird and silly all the men look earnestly discussing the cricket when she s sitting with long as the extra 5 kgs dont put you in a high risk group for arteriosclerosis, diabetes or any of the other "die a quick wasted death" groups you are fine. so chill.

Pragni~The Dream Catcher~ said...

Anonymous- lol.. people ntoice it and also write articles on it!! I noticed that all she does is say "Welcome back Tony", "Now its time for a break", "What do you think India will do today?"


Lol I dont really mind those kgs coz they dont do any of the scary things you mentioned, and coz they exist because of Chocolates!!

chintan said...
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