Sunday, April 06, 2008

Meeting Meat..

My family is strictly vegetarian. No meat, no fish, no eggs. This, by religious affiliation. I, on the other hand, being as completely non-religious that I am, should by default not be vegetarian. But I am. For the simple reason that eating something that once pissed, shat and carried out all those weird bodily functions grosses me out. Hence I have always been more or less okay with eggs. Eggs don't piss, shit, bleed right. And I try to forget that they are the animal equivalent of fetuses when I have to have them.

But I had always believed that when I did, by mistake/chance/fate, unknowingly, eat meat, I would freak out. I would do all that that my strictly vegetarian friends do, puke, gag, force-throw up or not be able to eat further.

Today I had meat. Unknowingly, by mistake. Not mine, the waitress'. I asked her for Pasta Fettuccine, without Panchetta, or pork. I specified that I don't eat meat, or fish. She said she would exclude the meat. And then included beef in the recipe. God knows why.

When she came with out orders, I asked her if mine was no meat, she replied in the affirmative.
I had a bit of what looked like a miniature corn on cob and could not quite place its taste. I asked Petrovski to try it. He laughed out loud after trying it. And then declared,

"Its Beef."


I dint throw-up, or dint feel like throwing up too. It was no big deal. I had something I did not want to have. I returned it, and waited for the replacement to re-return. While Pinki got pissed with the error, I thought over it. Friends in the background assured me that it was unknowingly consumed, so it was not a big deal. It was a mistake after all.

It wasn't a big deal for me. At all. I would probably have reacted a little more aggresively had there been tomatoes in my dish. But even that has toned down quite a bit. I realized that I am completely dis-jointed from the religious sacrilege, that little bit of beef put me into. In my past job, I watched the chef mince beef all day, every day. I watched while chicken was grilled and chopped and prawns were sautéed. And then I washed those vessels. And at the end of the day, if I could wash my hands off it all, I was ok.

And I thought, You go girl!! I love the fact that I dint throw a tantrum, dint spout hare ram, hare rams or beg for forgiveness from some imaginary force. I asked myself it mattered that much, and it dint. And the incident floated by. No one's mood got spoilt by it, no one's appetite got spoilt by it and I dint behave like a typical sissy.

I have come to terms with the fact that my beliefs are more important than the religious beliefs in the entire world, and that even if I have not found my crutch to lean on, I have a rock solid belief system. The balance of which is not teetered by incidents like these.

No apologies, and no misgivings.


Anonymous said...

jus so ur ignorant n stupid ass knows, eggs arent fetuses, they're jus equivalent to ova. Not fertilized. Get some knwoledge into ur fat brain before writing your stupid blog.

Satish Mantha said...

i got pissed because i thought it mattered a lot to you! even i'm religious, but, believe that when a mistake wasn't made by me, it shouldn't be felt sorry for or regretted. i did not yell at the restaurant that labeled beef rolls as baby-corn rolls. :-) i didn't have time - completely different issue! :D

if you feel the same too, you go girl!! :-)

Anonymous said...

please tell me you have something better to do than to give unsought and useless biology lessons to fat brained ppl on stupid blogs......

~The Dream Catcher~ said...

anon1- Just so your cowardly ass knows, this is MY blog, giving me the option of equating whatever with whatever. And not feeling scared to attach my name to my opinions while I am at it. For instance, I equate sick, cowardly people like you with filth. Hows that?

Pinki- Sneha got equally pissed too, and you don't know how pleased it made me to see you guys getting pissed because it might have mattered to me. You rock!

Anon2- I would have appreciated your comment, but you, after all, are more scum of the same variety. Why don't you people first get the guts to attach a name and a link or an email address to your comment and then open your mouth?

Anonymous said...

Prags: Me being a non vegetarian and having tried all sorts of meat EXCEPT beef would have thrown a tantrum (a FUCKING huge one)if I had beef in my plate. I am completely against beef as you are against meat. So firstly, Cheers to you. My friend, I am proud of you. Secondly, I would have screwed the waitress so hard she would have never had the guts to step into a restaurant again, let alone work in one. I would have made sure she shit in her pants all the way back to the kitchen while she replaced the order. Thirdly, I have a name for the anonymous people. Depends on their gender really. But then again, since they dont have guts to reveal their identities in public I am sure they neither have the nuts or the cunt to be lucky enough to be named by me. Lastly, I love you and I wish I could have been there to see you eat meat. It has, infact, been my all time fantasy so my question to you really is; how was it??(;) coz i might not have beef myself in my I am one of those unique people who has the gift of a vegetarian-cum-beef-tasted


Anonymous said...

@Dream Catcher & other abusers.....

Please give a l'il consideration to anonymous might so happen that he just forgot to put in his stupid friggin 'name' !!!!!!

- Dhum/Anon2/Scum of the same variety

Satish Mantha said...

@Anon2: haha! too much! :P we discussed if it would be someone we know, but, discarded the thought soon. message anyone of us and u'll know why! :-D :-)

Anonymous said...

and i equate fat brained stupid people who think too much of themselves, their fucking piece of shit blogs and their uninformed moronic opinions; with little pieces of beef in your mouth.

have a good day bitch.

Ashwin said...

Pri - I can imagine the waitress actually crying when you react. Poor thing!

Anonymous - Since you are a woman, I forgive you. Take your bitching somewhere else.

creative genius said...

It’s so easy to bitch and not reveal your name... Anonymous ppl should really be thrown out of the whole blogging world. Incase u do not like the blog stop reading it, it does nt even belong to u..

hd a similar experience, but was partly my mistake of assuming the food would have no meat. But learnt a lesson from there on.

J said...

Good and as expected you did not "freak" out when you learnt about the meat. Good to knw about it. And yeah one more nice thing to knw is about your stand on keeping the non vegetarianism out of religion and having a belief system which makes more sense as both are not coupled together.

shreerang A D said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Shreerang AD said...

FOR the b***h called anonymous,
first of all let me tell u one thing this girl who tasted meat the other day is a very good friend of mine n all these years i have been with her she has always been a vegetarian n for a certain reason i used to be a veg guy around her too..... so as she says she never in her life tasted it, she took it as a different experience and wrote a blog.
so wht is ur problem in this bcoz according to your comments looks like you fried your own b***Ls and ate them so thts why you dont even have one to say ur name . so rather than posting under "anonymous" why dont u just get out of the closet and start finding some...
ne ways i have wasted too much time on u so bug off
n for pragni im really proud of the fact tht you handled it well

Anonymous said...

everyone does not have the ability to consume, appreciate and understand beauty. you carry on. for our sakes.

~The Dream Catcher~ said...

pri-scalding as your words are, LOL!!! No one ever said you couldn't express yourself well!:) its ok.. galti insaan se hoti hai re.. it was just a mistake.. best forgotten. about anon1 - you are right.. no guts, all jealousy. (you would have disappointed if you saw my face at the table. I was pretty calm!)

Dhum- (anon2) :D now you see the punishment of being a troll on this blog!! bhariii!! I love you!

Pinki- see how correct my thought processing is? :P

anon1- grow up. find inner peace. meditate. relax. love yourself. love your neighbors. and the people living in the door across yours. get lost. and yea, have good life while you are it yeah? don't come back here if it hurts you so much.

Petrovski - :) forgiving women huh? want to date this troll next? looks pretty desperate for attention to me.. might not have a prob with you :P love you!!!

Creative Genius - I remembered yor telling me that. And that was exactly what was running in my mind when this drama started. That you have been through it.. and what your reaction was and all that!! You are my dire moment hero!!

J- you know me :)

Shreerang - sorry deleted your post by mistake the first time! well, hope anon troll hears you.. and hears you loud. Else we'll ask you to fly her (or him) away to Mars! or an ex :P

Anon3- thanks for the support. It is appreciated!