Monday, April 07, 2008

The anonymous troll who slept with my blog

Is that taking it to far? Ah, well, ok then. This troll definitely wants to take things further with this blog. Troll hates to love this blog, and loves to hate it. But can't get enough of it either way. So here is ~dream theatre~'s inner monologue. This side of the line.

"I know this troll is taking things further. But isn't it too soon? Ah.. the trials and tribunals of courting. We have so many things common. Anonymous Troll and me. I, being a blog have no gender really, so does Troll. Troll, being anonymous and bitchy does not have a gender too you know. So many similarities, yet Troll complains that my love is selfish. That all I think about is me, and my creator, of course.

So here Troll, is this post for you. To show you my love. You stalk me so much, oh I find that flattering don't worry, you leave me little notes. Have something to say for everything I say, and you get so agitated when someone else leaves me notes, expresses interest and admiration for me. Ah, possessive love.
I have too many admirers you see, and even if they remain silent, their love for me is just so obvious that it pains Anonymous Troll.

Yea, Troll has a little bit of a problem with using abusive languages. But everyone has their little flaws right? Well, Troll and me might have had few personal interactions, which obviously I did not record too well, but that is hinted at so beautifully in the little notes. You notice that's why I am addressing you only by your last name or your full name.

My friends seem to be accepting Troll too. See they are trying to bring you out. Troll, I promise you the second anonymous note, oh that wasn't competition. Only, Dhum, a guy. So you have nothing to worry about. You see, he has an identity, expresses his thoughts with his identity and is a guy!! So, nothing to worry about.

But taking this further seems to be rushing things. You see I am only 2 years and 4 months old, and I think our first communication was in mid-october sometime only. Its just been 5 months since we know each other! Taking the step (while I write this my poor blog eyebrows, the header, has gone way up, last the toolbar even!), it's a little too soon for my immature self.

But our little affair will continue I know. I know you are loving my friends, and that you are following me everytime, every step, all the way. So it looks like we will have a long relationship. And I dont think you will ever that courage thing that my creator fumes about, so I am sure our similarites will continue too.

Here's to a long, hide-y, and beautiful relationship that we have. Meanwhile, please dont get distracted and concentrate your spewed delicate words on my friend. It's me you love, stalk, and vent out on, remember?"


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good riddance to bad rubbish? I hope so.. but doubt it..