Friday, April 11, 2008

Magic and craziness

There's some magic in lying down on the curb, of a highway, at 2 am and looking up to gaze at a thick, cloudy, starless sky. Just because.

And there's some magic in walking across a small-ish flower bereft park, at 1:25 am, and suddenly looking down to see a small pot of fresh flowers and a brass plaque saying, "Florence Dorsey, 77 Elm Street", under an unexpected star studded and bare branches screened sky.

There's a lot of magic out there in the world. You just need the craziness to be able to explore it.


Satish Mantha said...

absolutely. there's magic in simple things like dosas served 25 kms away at 2:00 am, in a room not much larger than the one i currently stay in [u know i mean my lab right? ;-)]. :-)

Anonymous said...

Wish i was there..


Ashwin said...

And there is magic in running(racing) across the very same highway....
Or knowing that nobody in a 500 metre radius is on the road, except you.

Anonymous said...



~The Dream Catcher~ said...

pinki- true, and milkshake had at a distance of 150 kms frm where u live between the dead of the night.. the best part about this is doing it here

Dhum - with u its even more magical!!

Ashwin - and lying on a golf course, contemplating stealing its flag!!

Pri - :P

Anonymous said...

.......not to mention actually lifting the flag and finding dat it has a lighty bulby beepy thingy attached to its butt !


Ashwin said...

Yes yes. Run when you see the lighty bulby beepy thingy, and don't warn the photographer. Country Club ki Jai!!!