Sunday, June 24, 2007

The pain called guests...

What is it about over-bearing guests?? They are the worst kind of species alive among the Homo Sapiens.

Classic Symptoms of the over-bearing guest:
  • They inform you 6 hours before they land in your town/city/area/home.
  • They will not ask whether this would be a good time to come visiting.
  • And if you say that you are a little busy currently, they say they couldnt come later necause it's their daughters result time then.
  • They come at the worst possible time for you, ie: either you are preparing for an important seminar or a Visa interview.
  • They over-stay by atleast 3 days.
  • They insist that you take them shopping around town to buy clothes like the one you are wearing
  • They insist you cook something different from what you have already prepared
  • They are given their own bathroom, yet they use yours (even though they know your bathroom is sacred space for you)
  • They ALWAYS forget to flush
  • They insist in sleeping either on the floor or in your room, which means you have to give up your room.
  • They snatch your laptop from your lap and say, "Oh you bought a new one? what did you do with the old one?"
  • They are curious whether you have a prepaid or a postpaid connection on your handphone, and when you have to answer quite truthfully that its a postpaid they wonder if they could make just a few STD calls from your cell phone. Oh and one ISD too.
  • And oh yes, could they also give your number to their relatives so that they could recieve calls form your phone, they wont be charged roaming then.
  • Oh since the phone is so busy with their calls (incoming and outgoing) they say they might as well keep the phone in their pockets.
  • They decide they dont want to visit anyone at their homes, so they call their entire khaandan and more to your house, afterall, "your house is so spacious and you people are so nice"
  • They will insist on using the free services of that Doctor that you know, and will not even take a token bar of chocolate for the doctor'kids
  • They will very casually say, "I was thinking of going back by flight, but I dont have a credit card, can you book my flight then please?"
  • They want a tour of your entire house, as if its a monument to be seen eevrytime they come. Exhibit A, Exhibit B, Exhibit C.. and tu your left, ladies and gentlemen is the little corner where Princess so-n-so read her books in peace ( when she dint have guests at home!)

I solemnly swear that like my mom dad, I will NOT tolerate such guests at home. No really, really I wont. If the guests know how to behave they are welcome, else no way. I think this generation itself will not bear with such things. More power for the youth today!!


TaG HeueR said...

i was expecting this post..once u had asked....anyhow..i m not able to understand how should i react to this post...u know it better..

Pragni~The Dream Catcher~ said...

Tag Heuer - I understand.. I'm still speechless too..

'nonnymus said...

Ahh lassie!! you'd be doing the same someday I bet. Grinning and bearing it, laughing at them as much as at yourself...
Thats called growing up.