Friday, June 01, 2007

And it rained...

It rained yesterday. Altering Abhishek told me he'd send the rains over to me from Powai, and man, did they travel quick!! :)

I had once blogged about rain and what it does to me. But yesterday, getting drenched in the first rains, as is my ritual, I realized that rains do a lot more to me, than just mean something, and its something more everytime.

Getting drenched in the first rain leaves my mind refreshingly blank. Suddenly all the sorrows I have been carrying with me, are just erased. For that much time, while I am strolling in my terrace, ankle deep in water, surrounded by the lush greens my mom lovingly tends to, my being just tends to forget everything which plagued it till then.

I look down my building, at the foot of which my street begins, the street lights have fizzed out, and there's not a soul on the wet dark lane. It takes me back to the deck of the ship I stood on in the Arabian sea. The entire neighborhood and its lights cease to exist, and the winds and the rains are the same that existed then, through those 10 days aboard the cruise.

I look up at the sky, trying to catch the raindrops directly on my face. I can see the mingled colors of the sky. It doesn't look like it is 10 in the night. It looks like early evening. The cloud splattered sky flashes with streaks of pure white. The open-ness looks as if its ready to become a permanent roof to my terrace. The roofs of the other buildings beside mine look like they have been washed with orange glow. All the white tiles have a slight tinge of melony orange to it. Beautiful.

The cold goes deep to the core of me. I can feel the goosebumps going up my back, it feels good, it feels true. Like nothing truer than this can exist.

A good 45 minute bath in the first rain. I used to hop about and dance once. Thats when one of my most valuable friendships has been forged, with J. But now, I just stroll and splash the water with my feet gently. Who would have believed that I have mellowed down.

The goodness lasts with me.

To the next day. I AM utilising my vacation to the maximum. J and me saw two movies, first day first two shows, back to back. Shrek 3 and Pirates of the Carribean, At World's End.

Followed in the next post..


ChintaN-U CanT C Me!! said...

rains....well..u know how much i love them too...wen it travel...on d bike..on d highway...awesome experience...anyway...enjoy

Pragni~The Dream Catcher~ said...

i know.. and i wish i could be on tht bike!!

J said...

You should have called at that time idiot.
U knw since I left home I hav hardly enjoyed rains. I love them too. There is lots in those rains.

Pragni~The Dream Catcher~ said...

J- its THE day today!! lol.. all coz u remembered it!! I know that though rains are just rains u wont be able to recapture our moments there.. but try and enjoy max..