Monday, June 11, 2007

And I will blog...

My mom has been insisting on reading my blog. Which is good news. But for the fact that I wanted her to read it once I left. And of course, she insists on reading it right now. So we havebeen methodically going over each post from the very beginning..

And I realized, that in the beginning I spoke of my opinions, my emotions, my thoughts so freely. No reigns.. I spotted an issue, discussed it with someone, or directly on my blog, and expressed all my opinions. That's what I guess blogging is about. Somehow, from quite a few months, every post I write, I either delete, save as a draft or save it to my desktop. Because either I think that it's fruitless to write about these emotions, or that it's getting too public. Maybe this changed happened because of the fact that I met my fellow bloggers, a few who were my readers.

I became vulnerable with that meet. I guess its a very human process. I wondered during the meet what would happen, then I wondered if I fit in. I realized that I normally dont fit in anywhere.. I'm not the fitting kinds!! But I made a few.. friends.. I guess.

One such blogger, Idea, told me one day that she'd like to read the drafts.. the one's that I havent published on the blog, and I was delighted. But then like many things said and forgotten.. it was too.

But reading all my old blogs today.. I remembered what I felt at each moment, and whether it was pain, joy, sorrow, the good, the bad, the ugly.. It felt beautiful now. To me. And so I will blog about it. I will write.

And If I ever think that the blog has become to public, I'll just shift the sands again and take up another blog somewhere else!! I'll keep you posted..


J said...

Good. Try and blog as much as possible in public. U would need to decide how much to blog in public or not. If not blogged in public will that blog written elsewhere will have the audience that u want. For you may want to know their responses the specific ones. Guess so.

IdeaSmith said...

Things sometimes get forgotten. But that doesn't mean they get any less important.

pensivelawyer said...

Love the thought and expression of yours when you re-discover old emotions....on reading old posts.

I so know what you mean ...:)

Beautiful thoughts.

Pragni~The Dream Catcher~ said...

J- yes.. and its not a question of audience specific blog, its a question of WHAT it is that I wanna express..

IS - Infact, things gain a more deeper perspective, once forgotten and then recalled..

Pensivelawyer - Thanks!!