Saturday, February 17, 2007

Who Am I?? - My Second Film

The bigger part of why I have not posted since the last 9 odd days..

The love of my life right now, my obsession..

Something I am completely besotted with..

Somethign that makes me burst with pride and joy...

Something worth remembering for the rest of my life...

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Again, the entire film has been done by me, directed, edited and the Voiceover too.

I know that I was besotted with the last film I made, which was also my first, but it had a lot of glaring mistakes. This film, in comparision, is definitely an improvement. Except for the shots where I'm in the frame most of the rest have been shot by me too. I'm somehow absolutely thrilled with this film, with the shots, the light, the inference, the thoughts and the music too..
I know that this can also turn out to be a similar honeymoon period where everything looks rosy and the mistakes might surface in due time.. but till then..


creative genius said...

I guess everyone in life has these question , to which we seek answers.... when we understand or start asking these question we realize the importance of life that we have.
To get answers to these question all we can do is believe in things that have been proved and that seem logical to us rather than trying to prove them all over again.
These question led us to form our opinion and ideas abt life. Again thts my philosophy of life.

Aniruddha said...

Good work Pragni ! I saw it 3 times already and like it .. This one has a number of improvements over the first one so certainly a better one ... But I still think you should pace it a little more and go slower .. compared to the number of questions you asked, 2:28 is pretty less of a time .. :)

As creative genius here rightly said, we seek answers to these and million other questions everyday and once answers to these questions are found, we will have million other questions ready to be asked going ahead .. never ending .. so we need to have something constant in the world of variables and start from there ..

Prasoon said...


This was lovely.. Class material I could say however, I too agree with Aniruddha - seemed a lil fast when tallied with the number of questions you asked.. There are so many more in my head to which i wish we had answers !!

Shayon™ said...

Hmm...astounding, I must say! So, u're goin up the notch, with vloggin n all, eh? ;-) Oh btw, he video ws top notch...luvd it!

Aniruddha said...

surprised u havent commented on any of the previous comments here or even my 'Anakyze this' comment ! :)

Pragni~The Dream Catcher~ said...

Creative Genius- Yes.. everyone has these questions.. and like mom says.. those who dont wonder abt these things.. I wonder how they live..

ani- this and the first film.. both have been made for assignments.. so i have to observe a time limit which is why i finish most of my films under 3 minutes..

and the questions.. well i cut down a lot of them to fit them into tht time frame.. i couldnt have cut out anymore... it would take away from the essence..

Prasoon-thanks for stopping by!! I loved ur photoblog!! and about the answers to those questions.. I guess everyone has to find there own answers..

Shayon - thanks!!

Ani - I have now..