Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Mumbai Metblogs and me..

I lost my soul somewhere on Blogstreet..

When I began blogging for Mumbai MetBlogs, I was this enthusiastic baby. I would blog about all things which made sense, I would rejoicce when I got a comment or a feedback or a message. I would appreciate those mails that I recieved from readers. I was a happy kid.

Everytime something happened in any part of Mumbai, which i was witness too. I would nod my head emphatically and think, "I have the power of Blogging. I will post this on Metblogs." And maybe I even thought that it would make a difference in people's life..

I never wanted to be a Journalist, but I fancied myself as something akin to that. Almost there. In my admission interview at my Journalism Department, I very proudly said that I was an author at Metblogs. I was sure the people interviewing me dint know about it. So I even informed them about it!! I might not have been a regular blogger on metblogs. But I was a proud one. Then the Mumbai Blasts happened. All the bloggers on Metblogs were in full swing. Everyone churned out atleast 3 posts each. But surprisingly I dint. A fellow blogger frantically tried to contact me to find out if I was unharmed. When I wondered why such a frantic search to track me down, I was told, "you generally blog about anything as soon as it happens on Metblogs. This time you haven't so.."

Yes I hadn't. After that I posted once about the Blasts. Half-heartedly. And then my blogging there dwindled. After that, even my laptop denied me access into the site. When that was sorted out, I got a new Laptop, and now since the new lappie is in competition with the old one, it refuses me access into the site unless the old one shuts me out(I think).

But here I am, fresh after my last post on Metblogs, wondering why I dont post there so frequently anymore. Is it that I have matured, and the feedback and all dont matter to me anymore (hardly, my mind smirks) or is it because I'm having trouble all over again logging into the site from this laptop. Or is it simply because, I dont connect there anymore??

P.S Have you noticed?? A lot of my posts end in questions these days.. I wonder if its another of those things which mean that I am seriously muddled in the head right now. If the typhoon's coming, let it come I say!! ;-)


Aniruddha said...

yeah I have noticed ... all your previous blogs, your nice movie clip /video all point towards your state of mind which from what I can see is more like someone whos inside a labyrinth - a huge maze and trying to find its way out .. and hitting the same path again and again .. hitting dead ends maybe ..

does that mean u give up (on anything, blogging per say) ? well thats for u to decide .. but take ur time !

on a funny note, reminds me of that 'sinkara' ad .. 'Inhe chahiye Humdard Ka Tonic Sinkara' .. :)

'nonnymus said...

phases.. one after the other... phases r meant to befuddle.. phases r meant to come and go.. to change; themselves and sometimes us

Pragni~The Dream Catcher~ said...

Gimme some tonic i say...

'nonnymous sir- true enough.. and not only tht sometimes they also change the people around us.. and their behavior..