Thursday, February 01, 2007

Blogger's meet.. my first..

There are very few things that one can't predict. This is not to say that these predictions come true, but you now, when there is an up and coming event, incident or occasion, one can exactly predict how it will turn out. Even when you know your mom is going to scold you when you talk to her, you know what she is going to say. When you are going to meet your friends for dinner, you know how they will pull your leg, how you will have awesome amounts of fun and how you are going to have a good time after all. Even something as important as my going abroad to study can be seen pretty lucidly by me. But if there is one thing that has stumped me, its the fast-approaching Open Blogger's Meet.
Yes there is a bloggers meet coming up. And I have never attended one, but will be attending this one. In the past, due to some reason or the other, I have not attended any such meets. Those reasons also include my just not wanting to step out of chasm which identifies me by my blogs. For this meet, I was pretty much in doubt. To go or to not go. I put up a tentative thought of attending on IdeaSmith's post, which was picked up in Gauravonomics as an assumed 'attending'. IdeaSmith warmly asked me to come. But I was still deciding. A chat with Selma, finally convinced me. Orkut Zindabad!!

She had a point, I'll get to meet smoe interesting people before I leave, and she also asked me to watch out for a couple of people coz they were the gems. I already knew of one, the other I will explore. To tell the trust, I have absolutely no clue about how to take this meet. Blogging and the world of blogging or blogosphere as we call it are important enough for me to wonder and worry about this meet. I have tried initiating quite a couple of people into blogging. But I think that was more coz I wanted to share my love for blogging.

When one falls in love, they often wonder what was their existence like before they were in love. Its that way with blogging. I often wonder what my existence was like before it. Where did i write down those little things that I'd love to share. Where did my opinions go?? I hardly ever sincerely wrote a diary, coz I never needed to write down things I felt. I was happy enough having them firmly placed in my mind. But what about my opinions and those small incidents of life??
Maybe blogging happened just when I matured enough to start having opinions and intelligent thoughts. Quite possible.

Along with blogging, the bloggers have also become very important in my life. When I first started out it was in MSN Spaces. Just to write down my Shayaris. Then when I started writing down articles, it got a little personal. Reading those posts there, someone asked me to start writing for Mumbai Metblogs. I joined Metblogs, and for that I made this blog, not too personal kinds but still my personal space. On Mumbai Metblogs, I came across Selma and Sakshi Juneja, my co-authors. While I got hooked to Selma's blog, I visited Sakshi's periodically. Then I started visiting the blogs of my commentators on metblogs. The silsila started then. From one blog to another, I formed my favorites, chanced upon some USA blogs which awed me and some Indian bloggers who awed me even more.

And now this bloggers meet will bring me face-to-face with the very same bloggers. While some of my favorite bloggers wont be there (Selma, Ani), the meet still promises to have some of my favorites (IdeaSmith, Sakshi). I'm not sure about the other bloggers who are coming yet. Also another person I am pulling along with me will be an aspiring blogger, so I am glad to have that company with me.

I wish I could predict how this meet will go. Will I enjoy, dislike, unwind or be tensed in the meet. I''m sure people will tlel me now that I'm sure to enjoy, but considering the fact that I am not the partying kinds of people... Also I'll have to leave pretty early, 9 or so.. maybe I wont get to meet them properly at all, or worst maybe I wont meet them at all coz people might arrive after the decided time.

I will be taking pictures (If everyone doesn't mind that is) and I will surely post about the meet. But I can't even predict that... I sound idiotic don't I??


On another note, my professor called today to tell me that, a video site, has featured my first film, Mumbai-Fire and Blood on it's site. The site requires a password to get in, so I cant see it :( but I sure am thrilled. Although I grew to dislike that film because of its glitches, I was pleasantly surprised to know that someone thought it good enough to feature on the site, a more happier thing was that my Professor appreciated the film and left back a comment too!! Maybe my application will be more powerful with that film on it..


kanchu said...

heyyy i heard bout d blogger's meet too...whenz it happenin n where...i never went back an checked.

congrats for d film on vid site. I'd like to see it, if possible n if u don't mind :)

[first comment here]

IdeaSmith said...

Would you believe I'm having the same misgivings about the meet? This despite having met most of them several times. But to set your mind at rest, I'll back really do meet some 'gems' at such meets. I've become good friends with some fellow-bloggers I met. Its not somehow the same as meeting total strangers....after all these are people who share their daily thoughts with you and read yours in return. Somehow there's an instant'll see when you get there.

I'm really looking forward to meeting you!

Pragni~The Dream Catcher~ said...

Kanchu- Lol.. Will show u for sure.. but wait.. y do i need to show it.. its there in my blog itself..

IdeaSmith - :D your comment does not put me to rest.. I m still a little apprehensive.. the thing is.. i dont think i know a lot of people who are gonna be coming.. just a couple in fact.. And i dont think a lot of them know me or read my thoughts too.. Plus I'm not the mixing kinds yaar..
hmm.. Lets brave it out I say..

wiseling said...

I've only recently started blogging, but I'm pretty much addicted now.. both to 'penning' my own thoughts and reading those of others.. I really wish I could come to the meet, but I'm studying in the states and I won't be back until May.. So take advantage of this.. I even say, go for me!

“You can't always sit in your corner of the forest and wait for people to come to you... you have to go to them sometimes.”
-Winnie the Pooh.

Anonymous said...

Well... even I want to visit the meet. But for the those first visit inhibitions. When is it scheduled?
Will probably drop in

Mitesh said...

shya...they always happen when I am away :-(
i think you are thinking too much..just go...a great chance to meet new people...people just like us.

IdeaSmith said...

Pragni: It was good to meet you, even if only for a few minutes. I would like to meet you again. Can you mail me at I don't see an email address here.

Pragni~The Dream Catcher~ said...

Wiseling-aww.. dont worry.. we'll meet up whn u come here.. or whn i come there!!

Nazim-i could nt reply here yesterday so i left the address at ur blog.. but i dont thik u turned up!!

Mitesh-we'll see if we can have one whn u come here!! n yes, it was good to know them all..

IdeaSmith- Email sent ma'am!! Whts ur plan now?? ;)

wiseling said...

sounds good :D