Saturday, February 03, 2007

The Fried Souls of bloggers

When we entered the classroom, Melody Teacher greeted us. She then took our attendance, introduced us to all and placed us in our seats. After a while Melody Teacher thought that friends should not sit together. So she separated all 'supposed' friends and replaced the naughty ones under her nose. Melody teacher also made some girls, including me, and one boy stand outside the class for sometime. But Melody Teacher made that into an experience too, because she taught us how to stand still while moments were captured while we all naughty girls stood outside.

When it was time to leave, melody teacher bid us good-bye and also instructed the latecomers to reach on time next time like the good kids.

That's from the student. Now from the Blogger..

The blog meet happened. We (Puneet and me) entered the venue with Melody greeting us with, "Hi Bloggers??" and we left with her saying, "Let the kids go!!"

The two hosts, Sakshi and Melody introduced everyone around, pulled multiple legs, laughed and were generally great. The attendance sheet is with Melody, with all the links and the names but rattling off my top of the mind recall there was Melody, Sakshi, Vulturo, Bombay Addict, Vinu, My Pajamas, Peeyush, Amit and Shiju.
These are the bloggers. I had no conversation actually with last five.

My Pyjama had a first day blogger with him, while Shiju too had two more bloggers. Sorry dont have their names or links!! UPDATE: My Pyjama's friend and me spsoke about a common..uh.. friend.. but it is later that it dawned on me, that it was her mischief that had introduced me to the common friend.

Plizz to notice that I have not mentioned the two gems I was suppoed to look out for. One did not come as it turns out. And the other, turns up but when I was about to leave. I was pretty eager to meet IdeaSmith, so much so, that I even asked Sakshi when I sat next to her if she was IdeaSmith!! Sorry!!

IdeaSmith did come and I did meet her, but unfortunately it was just that. A brief encounter. Thankfully we did take a lot of pictures. Selma you were missed a lot!!

A lot of people asked me if I knew Selma!! And I kept wishing I did!! Personally that is. I am glad she convinced me about this meet.

This meet was not to become bosom, chuddi-buddies with each other, but more to step out of the virtual world we live in, and see each other in reality. I am really glad I met a lot of people there. I realized that there really are more people who read my blog apart from the ones who comment.
I was surprised to see Amit, the shahrukh of blogosphere as Sakshi called him, but well I did just that, see him because he seemed to be busy with the people around him.I was more surprised to see Vulturo..

I was surprised when Bombay Addict discussed a recent post of mine. He was very nice, and it was fun talking to him. Though again it was a brief talk. He gave me insightful tippanis on how very few people blog about riots and such. Surprised again!!

I was surprised when someone told me randomly... "hmm I've heard ur name somewhere" Yeah?? Wow!!

I was surprised to hear the name of a blog, Twisted Indifference. No surprised is not right, I was impressed. Somehow the name sounds..just perfect to me. Makes a lot of sense. But I dont think I told him that.

Sadly, I missed a lot of interesting people because I had to leave. And from the other posts here, here and here, it sure looks like the party had just begun when I left it...

PS. : Selma, you were right, about everything you told me to expect from the meet..the good and the bad!!
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Sumit said...

I see everyone is making puns on the name of the restaurant the meet was held at. Just started going through your blog, guess I'll have more to put once I read further.
Keep spinning those dreams.

J said...

Hey. I never knew there was something like a blogger's meet. U never told abt it before.
Anyways but it certainly sounds good n interesting. U seem to like it all.

J said...

Hey. U know wat. There is this one guy in the pic. He is from my school.

J said...

Hey. U know wat. There is this one guy in the pic. He is from my school.

Bombay Addict said...

Pragni - it was nice meeting up with you. See you next time.

the saint said...

sorry I didn't say hi then..

so "Hi!"

Pragni~The Dream Catcher~ said...

Sumit-Thanks for stopping by!! And I thought that the name of the restaurant was just beckoning to me (to make fun of it that is)..

J- really?? how interesting.. all sorts of links have been coming up after this meet. And well, since you'v already read it here.. it was damn good!

Bombay Addict- It was an absolute pleasure taking to you!!

TheSaint- hmm sorry not required, but say hi now!!

Aniruddha said...

hey .. looks like you guys had a bash ! wish I could attend it ..