Thursday, July 19, 2007

Warning: Dates in the Calender seem too far

Thoughts on a romp. Regrets, apologies to be given. Speed 180 kmph.

Million things to be done. Million people to call, meet. Million lives left to touch. Speed 200 kmph.

Sleeplessness. Constant smiles. Aching jaws. Fake happiness. Speed, sigh, 225 kmph.

Lunches left, dinners forgotten, breakfast ignored. Shadows beneath the eyes, and throbbing backs. Speed still 235 kmph.

Last minute meets. Last card game with friends. Last train ride. Last book stocked in my library. Speed: 240 kmph

No heart-felt byes. No reason to. No reactions at all.

Last two days. Feels like the end anyway. Too much happening inside my head. Outside- nothing. No reaction. No emotions.

Somebody once told me,

"Showing no reaction is a kind of reaction too"


TaG HeueR said...

I would like to know the person who had told u dat "Showing no reaction is a kind of reaction too"
(rection = emotion??????)

Pragni~The Dream Catcher~ said...

its been pulled from the recesses of my memory yaar.. and no reaction is not equal to emotion..