Saturday, October 28, 2006

The Class System in Local Trains

Chronicles of a train traveller Part four

15 Differences between:

"A First Class Ladies Compartment"
  1. When someone steps on your feet, they look at you apologetically.
  2. You wont hear anyone creating a ruckus in joy
  3. When its crowded to the hilt, people will realign their bodies, fit them in grooves and niches to fit like one proper well-moving fabric.
  4. When everyone's seated except one, the one will remain standing if she's unaware of an empty seat in the far corner.
  5. If you cry, you cry alone and ignored.
  6. If you get a place to sit, which you normally always do, you'll be able to study undisturbed for the entire journey.
  7. If an interesting conversation is taking place anywhere in the compartment, everyone eavesdropping will maintain an absolute poker face.
  8. As soon as the final station draws near, almost everyone in the compartment will pull out their compacts and brushes and eye liners and will get busy applying it.
  9. Most women chatting on the phone do so in low tones or they cup their hands around their mouthpieces.
  10. No one sits on the floor of the compartment, anywhere.
  11. The groups in the compartments are fixed and they genuinely participate in each other's life and are concerned for one another.
  12. The samosa and wada wala, and the paper wala frequent this compartment. The sandwich wala does not come(Why??)
  13. The Ticket Checker (TC) comes every other day to check tickets inside the compartment.
  14. Cat fights, train fights, hardly happen. Pretty rare :( no entertainment!!
  15. There are people from all strata's of the society here, rich, poor, middle class and sometimes even very rich.

"secund c-lass leddies comparatment"
  1. Its common to step on someone's feet, otherwise how will you ever get to wherever in hell that you want to go.
  2. You wont not hear everyone creating a ruckus in joy
  3. When its crowded to the hilt, you'll hear and feel the squelch of bodies and the squeeze of flesh.
  4. If a seat is empty in any corner, and anyone at all is standing, it will become everyones business to see to it that the standing passenger does finally occupy that seat.
  5. If your eyes even become watery, all the women around you will ask you if everything's ok. Sab Barr aahe na??
  6. If you get a place to sit, and you normally don't, you will definitely not be able to study. The aunty next to you will want to know what you are doing and will peep her nose into your big book, the kid in front of you will want to play with your pants and there will just be general pandemonium.
  7. If an interesting conversation is taking place anywhere in the compartment, everyone eavesdropping will have their own tidbit to add and subtract. Even if its a conversation about someone's sex life!!
  8. If you so much as comb your hair, or check your face in a mirror, the aunty in front of you will either comment on your looks or say. "ho gaya?? powder showder??"
  9. Most women who make or receive calls will do it on full volume. They will even discuss their company details, pending work, boss's affair, husband's work in a tone loud enough for the entire compartment to hear.
  10. Everyone sits on the floor of the compartment, especially near the exit.
  11. There are very few specific groups coz other than that, everyone talks to everyone about everything.
  12. The samosa, wada, sandwich wala come to this compartment. The paper wala does not come (Why??)
  13. The TC never comes. Not inside the compartment ever.
  14. The famous trains fights, cat fights at that, happen almost everyday.
  15. There is no differentiation between any strata's of society here. But predominantly, it is contained of the lower middle class and below.

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