Wednesday, August 02, 2006


How much can anyone take.. how far can you push someone's tolerance. How would you react to mental but brutal force. Force which is rooted in extreme obsession, obsession channelized into frustration to mask it. I am not talking about possessiveness but about plain obsession.

How possessive you let someone become about you depends on your personality and your behaviour. No one has ever tried to cross the line of possessiveness with me coz they know that I wont put up with it. I mean, if you let anyone think that you need to be possessed, you need that person so much that you don't need anyone else, will he start behaving possessive right. And anyhow, I guess its possible to be over-possessive about people only, not things. But maybe I am saying this coz I haven't been thru it.

But how do u stem obsession. How can you even affect obsession. How do you even know when someone becomes so crazily obsessed with you, unless it is shown to you before an outburst, before it reaches new and weird heights.

Maybe to someone who has not seen either of the two, it will think that both obsession and possession can be controlled, by either one or both the parties involved. But maybe someone who has experienced one or both will understand my questions. And maybe have a few of their own.

I have never, thankfully, been obsessive or over-possessive about anyone or anything. I believe I am too egoistic for it. It takes time to be able to see beyond yourself enough to only see the thing in front of you or the person. Or you have to be someone who thinks of him/her self as too large a person hence making it something of a reason to want to look at someone else or something else.

I wonder how much of this makes any sense.. I wonder how much of this is true..


Aniruddha said...

Well.. for the starters, it is possible to be obsessive/ over possessive about things as well .. to what extent depends from person to person .. also, whats the definition of obsession and possessivenes ? can over-possessiveness be termed as obession ? and for someone to become obsessed (and I mean obsessed) with you, you dont have to do anything .. its something thats out of your control .. its just what he/she wants ...

and I would like to know your views for putting that pic of barbed wire with the post .. its perfect according to me but just wanna know why u put it !

'nonnymus said...

Looks like someones nerves stretched too tight, painful for themselves and painful for others..

pragni~dreamcatcher~ said...

Ani- both, I think, are better defined by someone who's been a victim of it or has himself been thru it. But I think that over-possesiveness and obsession are two different things, they can co-exist but also exist without one another.
And yes, I'm sure that when someone gets obsessive about you, its beyond your control. Its in the mind of the person who's being obsessive. little that you can do in it.

and the barbed wire pic. It's like a border.. a border which signifies the sharpness of it. And also implies that it can hurt. The border between sanity and obsessiveness. And it was something which suited a word as abstract as obsession. In case you thought it was possesiveness, then my post was never on it anyway!!

'nnonymus- obsession is always painful, for the obsessed and the victim. Especially when it reaches the hieghts i am talking abt.

J said...

When all the possible means have been tried out, then I can only think of the hard and the fast way. The strict way. An absolute "no" at any cost.

'nonnymus said...

Lol. How would know what heights you're talking about when u've never been obessessed or possessive? ur right though that obsession is in the mind of the person obsessed. therefore no outsider can honestly claim to know what heights it has or can attain. and believe me, obsession dosent define any borders. it defies them all.

pragni~dreamcatcher~ said...

'nonnymus - i think u right.. i might not have been obsessive abt anyone ever coz i know how to control my thoughts n emotions. But i guess tht's y a lot of emotional ppl would call me hard-hearted or selfish!!

but i can imagine the thrill defying border would give.. i wish i had those kind of guts..