Saturday, August 26, 2006

More blood..

What?? What happened?? Why did that man jump in front of our car??!!#@$%

Flashback : Some time before

My best friend Anwesha is in town. We meet, shop and eat and then we (Anwesha, her medical college friends and me in her car, with driver uncle driving it) head back to Andheri. Some where near Parel, we are all merrily yapping away when all of us saw a flash of a blue-shirted man fall in front of our speeding car.

Return to Now:

We braked so hard that we would have hit the front seats but for the fact that most of us were already jumping to get out of our seats. I and driver uncle rushed out, I reached the front of the car and saw that the man was a safe distance away from our car. We braked before we could hit him. While I reached forward to help him, I saw his blood spill over on the road. I couldn't understand where the blood was coming from. His hands and legs seemed to be uninjured. And then I saw his hair at the right side of his head matted in blood. Someone else lifted him up while I stood with my hand stretched out.

"Eh.." Driver uncle called me, " Get in the car, we are leaving"
"B-but" I dint know what more to say, I got in wordlessly.

Uncle started the car, and when an instant later we looked up there was a mob outside the car. One man directed our car to the side, blocking the front, while another was busy noting down the license number. While the car was being parked in the side, my friends sitting in the side near the accident spot briefed me up.

It seems the blue-shirted guy was jay-walking. He was hit by a Kinetic coming full force and that impact threw the guy in front of our car. Uncle applied the brakes right in time which saved the guy from getting crushed under the wheels on the car.

Once parked we got out, uncle, Anu and me, and we started explaining to everyone how the car had rather saved the guy. The guy was till then bundled into a cab by some four random people who took him to some hospital. Driver uncle was gheraoed by a huge crowd of angry men who insisted on noting the number of the car and accusing him of killing the man. Anu planted herself in front of the license plate and was arguing with a man writing the number down. I pulled her aside and told her that it doesnt make a difference if they take the number coz we haven't done anything wrong.

By then a traffic cop came on the spot. He asked us what was going on, and uncle explained everything. Suddenly, among the accusers, one man spoke up, "haan haan, aapki ghadi ne thik se brake na mara hota toh woh insaan toh khatam hi tha"
Then another said, "haan, aapne toh usko saaf bachaya hai"

This apparently was enough for the cop who asked us to leave and sat behind the poor kinetic rider who still looked like he was in a daze and drove to the chowki ahead.

We drive out of the mob and away. Our animated conversation was hushed now. We were all yelping at the slightest application of brakes and at any jay-walker.

Wonder what happened to the blue shirted guy. Anwesha and her friends discussed some about which anatomy of his had been injured but soon gave that up too when it became to gory. Driver Uncle kept reliving the moment of the accident and how he had used his quick sense and saved a life. And all of us kept replaying the scene in our mind in an endless loop.


J said...

Tragic. Reminds of the lady that came under the train I was coming from college to home. I could hear the scream. Blood n flesh. In a flash from life to death.

anu said...

i can actually see it happen all over again...

pragni~dreamcatcher~ said...

j- yuk.. sounds more horrifying thn wht happened with me

Anu- now u know wht i was thinking of whn i was in the car.. remm wht i told u??