Thursday, August 17, 2006

Bad, mad day.

OK this has been certified as a mad-bad day. THE MAD-BAD DAY.

I was not planning to put up two posts in one day, but circumstances have made me believe that today is a day to be recorded for all its badness. And madness.

The bad part started when i got a call from the GEEBEE bastards, forgive my language, but I do hate them for what they did yesterday. Since it is a little known fact, I will publicize it.

I enrolled in GRE training classes at GEEBEE near Andheri station coz I need to brush up on my Quant. I made this clear to my counsellor there and enrolled with a check payment. She asked me to start yesterday at 7 with Verbal class and I would soon start Quant. When i turned up, the director of that academy, a young, Gujarati-English speaking man who was an arrogant sob. He blankly told me that he wont give me a Quant class for another month, coz there was no place, which would be too late for my exam 2 months later. And then he went on to tell me that I could just take my cheque back tomorrow and leave the classes. I told him he was acting difficult and he proceeded to yell that I was creating trouble. I checked my temper since I have been coaching myself on anger management and told him I was NOT there to argue or create trouble and I wanted to sort this problem. He got more pissed when i consulted someone who worked there and was a friend (who confirmed that the guy was a bastard), and asked me to sort the problem later with someone else coz she was sure that there were a lot of empty Quant seats. Ultimately I left and for some reason got extremely distraught about this. (Some might argue that that would be an understatement). On encouragement from a smart soul I decided to fight tooth and nail for the Quant seat in those same classes.

So technically the badness started from yesterday night. Then today morning the nice lady from GEEBEE called and told me that the only thing left to do was to withdraw my cheque from them since the foul-mouthed and all-out foul guy was the director of the goddamn center. I would not get the seat I had decided to fight for. :((

Then I reached the station late. My lecture was in Churchgate at 11:15 and i reached Andheri Station at 11:15. The bloody train came half an hour late coz of some Bikaner Express. Result : I reached college at 12:30. May I add that I had a presentation today.

There was no time for my presentation at the end of it. I reached late so had to present after the entire class. Which meant that I got to speak 2 lines out of the 2 pages prepared. I had been preparing all night.

The lecture got over, everyone removed their Dabbas. Now your truly, refuses to take more than one box of little food ie: one item only (alu parantha or dhokla or bread n chutney). Which is normally sufficient for me. But today I dint even realize who finished all the paranthas leaving me with four measly pieces. Needless to say, I was famished. But we dint have too much time to go down and eat. So back to class.

Our class had changed. So new class had no fan. 2 and a half hours of sweltering heat. Damn Mumbai University.

Left college and reached Churchgate station. Of-course, no fast train. And just when i got into a slow train a fast train announcement was made. aboard, re-board.

Reached Andheri. On the way home, saw the blood and flesh. Sick, Disgust.

Reached home. Still famished. Ate the leftovers from lunch. and decided to make an adventure out of dinner and go out for some spicy Chinese or junk food. Called up friends to confirm and made plans. One frnd backs out, plan gets cancelled. I yell, he yells. Plan remade. Mood gone. I cancel plans. I'm coerced into going out and plan remade. Another friend cancelled. Plan cancelled finally. Over-distraught again.

Another friend calls up to discuss Birthday plans. I get wild. I tell her that its really not that big a deal. And I anyway don't have anyone here who I really want to spend time with. Over-over-distraught. Self-lecture follows.

Wrote blog and updated and the drum roll in my head magically was sounding of the walls. Oh no, not in my head. There was some procession far away. I prayed to god to not make them take the route going from my lane. But i forgot that I am an atheist. Obviously god wont listen to me. Drum roll reaches crescendo. Climax. It is right beneath my window. For your info, the laptop is placed right next to my window.

I look down and see the sun shining in the night from the road. Aaarrrgghh.. there a zillion floodlights projected upwards from the procession. Why oh why?? I have nothing at all against Islam, or any religion, since I myself don't follow any. But why are the Muslims at the ungodly hour of 10 in the night shining lights the size of a mini sun and banging drums and god knows what other instrument to a definitely illegal decibel level. Please Allah stop your Bandhas.

They have 5 huge banners made of bright green and bright red as tall as the first floor of my building. Thankfully I live a lot more up. The conundrum becomes more louder if that was humanly possible. They walk past my lane and the noise doe snot muffle with distances but just stops. Why?? Coz it just struck 10 sharp, and so they cant make the ruckus anymore. And THIS had to happen just after they cross my house, my building and my lane.

The only good thing for today just happened right now. I got a call from my friend who teaches in GEEBEE. She said in very very colorful terms that she will make the Director's life hell for treating me that way. Also she apprises (GRE knowledge!!) that she is the only IBT TOEFLL teacher GEEBEE has. This means two things for me:

1. They can NOT sack her. Rather she has them in a fix for misbehaving with me. And she is really protective of me and hence will fight my cause till the end.

2. She will give me all IBT material needed. And also coach me and assist me whenever I need it.

Additionally, she also says that there are two more classes in the same wing of the building and she will see to it that she gets me all the information for that place.

One good thing in the entire 17 hours I spent awake today.

Alas, one more bad thing to report. My stupid stupid cell refuses to read from my USB Port anymore. Hence no more photos for my blog, metblog or flickr. I really should let go of my attachment to this cell and buy a new one. Now I will have to buy a new cell or a new camera. Can't do without a camera. And old digicam is lying with the canon workshop... :((


J said...

Whoa tats a MAD day. The Geebee needs to be publicized more for the service they offered. public forums.
You knw there r times when nothing goes right. all the things u dont want n dream happen. its not a single thing tat would go wrong or bad. but all the mad n bad keep on coming to u at the time when u just dont want it.
Yelling n angerness, do no good.
Does the time always remain the same. Naah.
The series comes to an end n u move forward.

anu said...

i assume this was the day v also maybe am the friend who was discussin the bday plans coz u did say it was no big deal...neways,day is over n gone..i hope tht lady does make tht jerkz life a living hell..look at the bright side,u dint hv to tolerate tht guy thruout the duration of the course..

'nonnymus said...

ur not an atheist. u've decided tht god's given up on u too. pity. ur so thoroughly wrong..