Friday, June 08, 2012

Some songs are best forgotten

"Nanu, STOP running around!!" Blanche screamed at the three year old toddler. It wasn't a fun age to eat veggies she assumed, but she did not know when would be a fun age to just be calm.

"Masi, if I sit, will you let me watch TV?"

Goodness, the kid knew how to bribe!

"Love, my cable is out. You will have to watch whatever comes on the normal channels.. is that ok?" Blanche did not really want to get bribed, but there was no other way she could get Nanu to sit in one place and eat. "And you will have to promise me that you will eat at least half of these veggies."

Nanu thought for a few second. While running. And then came sat next to Blanche. "Put the TV on!!" he urged.

"One bite first," if the kid could bribe, he could for sure forget his promise.

Nanu made a face and shoved a spoonfull into his mouth while pointing at the TV.

Blanche reached for the remote and put the TV on. It was a soap opera rerun that was playing. "Do you even understand anything?" Blanche asked Nanu after a few more spoonfulls.

He shook his head in response but stubbornly refused to peel his eyes away from the set.

Blanche turned back to her book when she heard a familiar song play faintly in the background of the dialogues. 

She stopped reading a looked at the scene. It had nothing to do with the song. It was an old odd song. A song she had refused to listen to since years. And now it was playing in front of her.

I knew I would always hold on
While you would let go
You would let go
'cause no faith, my love, no faith
you have no faith in our love

You are too quick to judge
Too fast to run
Too fast to shut 
While I stand here and wait
I wait while you would let go
you would let go cause
no faith, no faith, no faith my love
you have no faith in our love

He used to sing this. To her. For her. And here she was. Still holding on. 

(This post is dedicated to two people, both will remain unnamed. Though the first one is who I used to call my little darling. Nanu is how I imagine him to be today.)

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