Thursday, June 14, 2012

Smoke's Poutinerie - Vegetarian Poutine!

Location :  2019 Rue Bishop, Downtown Montreal
Website :

Damages : Next to none! $6.99 for a small and $8.99 for freakishly huge meal
Food : Awesome!
Ambience : Like a fast food restaurant
Service : Again, like a fast food restaurant
So, this review might be slightly biased since I am a first time Poutine eater. Actually, no. Second time. But the first one was so bad, that I have 1) Erased that experience from my mind and 2) In comparision, this Poutine, was OBVIOUSLY great.

One amazingly big brownie point goes to this eatery for the simple fact that it had Vegetarian Poutine! In a city where everything is meat based, in a place where the Bacon is named after the country, getting the state dish's vegetarian version is a find. 

And the vegetarian Poutine was great too! Out of the two people in our party who ate the meat versions, one of them liked the vegetarian more.

Both of us veggie people got the Onion and Mushroom Veggie Deluxe Poutine. So no variety there. Though I, like an idiot, ordered for the large portion. Let's just say, that we all took home leftovers, but Ashwin and I, the large portion orderers, well, a week later, we still have Poutine sitting at home. After being consumed as an entire meal 5 times already. THAT huge.

Well, the Onion and Mushroom Poutine was amazing. The gravy was well spiced, onions perfectly caramalized and the mushrooms soft and well dunked in the gravy. The fries were as good and crispy as fries should be, the cheese curds used were soft and creamy and melt in your mouth cheesy. Topped with fresh green peas, the entire thing came together really, really well. Though next time, I think I'll try the Nachos Poutine, because that looks like an amazing fusion of cuisines. Mexican and French? Yes Please!

Ashwin found his favorite meat combination, Chicken Bacon Poutine. Let's just say that he likes it so much, he refuses to let me throw out the leftovers, a week after too. He believes its the perfect combination to go with the Poutine-y fries, gravy and cheese curds combination. 

We were way too hungry to take pictures this time, since we went there directly after Ashwin's Soccer game. Which was directly after work hours. But the pictures here are from the Poutinerie's website, and that is exactly how our food looked. So you won't mind me pilfering the image from there, will you?

Last piece of advice though - When eating Poutine, always always opt for the smaller portions. No matter how famished you are. It will always be more than enough. I promise you. (In case it isn't, Montreal is full of desert studios to fill your stomach after anyway right? ;) )

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