Friday, June 06, 2008

Wet, wild and lovely

I have a lot of posts due. Tumbling thoughts, words and feelings from my mind. But they are all assigned to later because one thing numbs everything else in me. Rains.

Monsoon here is not just rain. That's why monsoon here is so special. There are crazy winds, the sky clouding up and suddenly immersing the atmosphere in a beautiful dark haze, the trees going crazy with the water droplets and the winds. And the wonderful beautiful rains itself.

Champaign rains are just rains. Suddenly the sky tears up and it pours. Straight sleek sheets of rain. And then it stops.

Rains here have just so much character, so much substance to it. Like it carries all this personality with it just to make a person feel good from inside. Feel whole. If there's one thing that will always pull me back to Mumbai, over every other thing I have been noting in the past month, it is this. The wildness that is the rain here.

The sky rims up with dark clouds leaving a small border of its original blueness as a stark contrast. The wind and the rain lash out, but never feel cruel. Even if all the doors in your house are fastened, the wind will definitely find a few doors and windows to clatter. Love the feeling of going around the house shutting those doors up, waiting to see what more will be clattered next.

I love going up to our terrace and just standing there, the center of the world, with the wind pushing out at me, the rain pouring down and the trees reaching out. Right now its just the sixth floor of our house, I wonder what will the 30th floor be like next year. It'll feel like being between the cloud of rain I guess.

The climate fills you up, completes you, makes you forget everything else and makes you remeber every best thing. Makes you want the best comforts of like, hot coffee and a soft couch with a book, but makes you want to stay put there and get drenched. Makes you want to get up between the night when it suddenly starts pouring to just lose yourself in the rumbling thunder. The rolling noise of welcome. He lightening mesmerizes you, stuns you and brings out the best in the dark hue which the clouds bring about.

It feels like the world in within your embrace, everything you desire for is right there in front of you, or just within reach. It feels like it takes little really to keep you happy, to make you feel content, complete. Because thats what you are at that moment, content and complete.


J said...

The rains there are really good and in my stay at different cities havnt had such a wonderful experience. True, it just feels good to be in monsoon there.
I am longing to be there. You should enjoy all the possible time there at 6th floor I would say.
Well after a week its that rainy day again! u remm. :-).

Ashwin said...

A wonderful feeling it is. As I sat under the fan removing the currency notes and my train pass and kept it to dry, all I could think about was how good the 1200 metre run in the rain felt. Kept wondering if I should have walked home in it. But then who knows what would have happened to my cell phone and my pen drive.
Reading your post reminds me of the days when I used to stand under the shed of a chaiwala and enjoy cutting chai and a wada pav. Ah! Rain!

Monsoon said...

Hey! I've been around here quite a few times... and have always loved (and envied) your writing.

But if there's something I envy you more than your writing today, then it is your being in Bombay to enjoy the RAINS!

How I miss my polka dots umbrella, the fun of employing it to play peek-a-boo with the rain, winds blowdrying my hair just as they get soaked by the rains... Mmmm...

But I think monsoons are beautiful across India! I just hope my turn comes soon... :-)

~The Dream Catcher~ said...

J, my love, you have no idea how much I remember ;) Come quick!!!!!!!

Ashwin - It cant not be worth it!! :) and reminds you of those days? Why don't you go have your cutting under the chaiwallas shed with a wadapav in the other hand even now.. you still have time..

Monsoon - wait, is this who I think it is? My god woman, where have you been!!!

Monsoons in Mumbai are completely about the experience.. although they might be similar all over India, I don't think this atmosphere can be recreated anywhere else.. its just so.. Bombay you know..

J said...

Really, wow! :-). Yeah I will try coming quick.