Monday, October 01, 2007


I have a blank Word Document in front of me. In fact it has been there for the better part of the day.

Whenever anyone calls, I say, "Uhh.. I'm studying.. can I get back to you later? I'll call you when I take a break."

Said call disturbs my thought process (maybe the thoughts were just about to be spilled on the blank Word Doc, you know) and I decide to download a few songs. I download Euphoria's entire album. 9 songs. Then chiding myself about not studying, I turn to the blank Word Doc. I then download Shaan's entire collection of songs. 21 songs.

Dhum pings me online and wonders if I am studying that hard. I say "Ofcourse, oh and could you forward the song from Dor to me? Ahh Thanks.."

Back to studying then. I think about the reflection paper I am supposed to submit on Wednesday, and the article I am supposed to submit on Tuesday, and the report I am supposed to submit on Monday - TOMORROW!!

Brain refuses to get stimulated, motivated, inspired. I turn to the 600 page reading I have to do for next Monday. Brain loses all grasp on stimulation, motivation, inspiration and spirals down to lala land. Sleep. ZZZZ. Forty Winks. But in my case, a little more often.

Everytime I start my readings, one page = 30 minutes of deep sleep. So deep that I even have dreams. I tried reading while I was walking, I stood for 30 minutes sleeping. I tried reading while I was studying with friends, I camouflaged my sleep. I tried reading while I was sitting on the hard, rough, poky carpet, I slept on my reading. Sigh. And I finally, desperately, tried reading while I was sleeping. Some inverse logic might be at action, I though. Needless to say, I slept. Sleeping.

"How are you with deadlines??"
"Oh, deadlines are sacred to me. Back home, we used to say, 'you gotta meet a deadline, even if you are dead!!"

This is what I said in my interview. And I think this is why I got my job.


Sigh. The Word Document is still blank...


'nonnymus said...

.... lol!!!


Brad said...

Hmmm...It is October 3rd today! You must be unemployed by now!

Pragni~The Dream Catcher~ said...

'nonnymous sir- at the risk of sounding repetitive- sigh...

Brad- do you really want to know what happened??

Jinal said...

:) you are an exception. are you in usa? where are you working?

Pragni~The Dream Catcher~ said...

Jinal- yea.. in the us of a.. and i just wrote a post on the two places I am working at and then removed it.. I thought maybe I should post it sometime later..
Anyway I write stores and articles for the yearbook of my University..

Also, I like being an exception.. but tell me why again??

Jinal said...

that was in response to your comment on my blog- -abt college kids blogging. we are exceptions/ not everyone is doing this/ thinking like this.

are you on the east coast too? email me, i'm in adv/mktg as well.
jinals28 at gmail dot com