Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Things Room mate can hate about me...

So I believe that I am pretty objective and fair. No, really. Which is why, I tried to think of things from a different angle. I tried to get into RoomMate's shoes, into her skin and her brain and list out the things she might hate about me. Like, her brain might go, "There, she did that again. I so HATE that about her." So the following part has been written from what might be her perspective.

  • I hate the fact that Pragni stays at the Union to study till 12 in the night.
  • I hate the fact that she then studies at all weird times, like from 12 in the night to 5 in the morning and keeps the light burning in her room all that while.
  • I hate the fact that Pragni eats cereals and cereal bars and oats for breakfast.
  • I hate the fact that she has 6 bottles of Conditioners and 7 bottles of Shampoos.
  • I hate the fact that she feels too cold when I put the air-conditioner on.
  • I hate the fact that she cannot bear the loud, LOUD bass music that the neighbors plays everytime she is studying.
  • I hate the fact that she soopenly dislikes me taking lifts and drives from people. So much so that I have actually reduced them.
  • I hate the fact that she wants to shop for groceries together, thought she did go alone the last time when I went to a pub for a party.
  • I hate the fact that Pragni believes that laundry should be done once every two weeks.
  • I hate the fact that she loves apple juice.
  • I hate the fact that her room is an masterpiece of Organized mess, while mine is strictly, disciplined organization.
  • I hate the fact that sometimes when she is going out of the door, she asks me to lock up behind her and does not use her key.
  • I hate the fact that she keeps momentarily losing her things just to find them again under a minute.
That's It. I can't think of anything more than this that she could hate about me. Now does this give me the right to list out the facts I hate about her? :) just kidding..

Apparently she wants to stay with me next year too, even if I might graduate by December and not stay the entire year. Hmmmm..

Do you really think she could hate all this about me? Really, Really??


Anonymous said...

self promoting bitch u r

sillysneha said...

i don't care much for ur roommate but id give anything to be ur roommate for those exact reasons that make U simply U!!!

ps- most of those reasons r not worth being hated for...
ps- i could come up with a million more!!! LOL!! *wink*

Pragni~The Dream Catcher~ said...

anonymous1- If I dont write about myself on MY blog, then I don't see where else I should. Maybe you are not aquainted with the concept of blogs?? possible. Also, please try to keep the profanity on a minimum because, my mother reads my blog. And it boils my blood when she is exposed to such things. I don't mind really, since I believe in freedom of Expression. And yea, can you please keep the !@#%%@ away from my blog if you don't like it? I hope you know that you have the power to ignore its existence.
(I thought long and hard, before replying to your comment. I think its evident from my reply!!) :)

Sneh- Room mate's not really bad. Really. Am trying my best to like her. Most of those reasons are ones owrth being hated for, you are looking at the positive side of things!! And do list those million reasons.. that is why this blog exists!!

Chintan said...

tag says...those who cant do something in real life..have to take to the extremez to comment on someone..coz those someones have the power to do things that these people dont..its a long comment...but u should know wat i m talkin about..so ignorance is bliss...got it?

Anonymous said...

Are you sure that you think she could hate these things about you or do you think YOU hate these things about you?

Pragni~The Dream Catcher~ said...

Tag- Aye aye sir!!

Priyanka- No, I am pretty sure I dont hate all that about me. Not all of it. If I was making a list of the things I could hate about me, the post would never end, trust me. These are definitely things that SHE could hate about me.. but I am also rethinking it now.. hmm

Anonymous said...

crazy girl obsessed with her roommate.....find a guy love, and direct your energy on him...lol...cheers

Pragni~The Dream Catcher~ said...

i thought you were gonna do that for me?? bhul gayi??