Thursday, November 09, 2006

Flailing to grasp a slippery bond

You've gone and left an empty space,
a void, a scoop right in the center of my being.
Life doesn't halt
Why, its going great actually
'cept there's nothing, no one at all now anywhere
I don't know why I'm writing this anyway
I dunno if you've gone or have I pushed away.

After you've given up on me as your right,
I'm more yours than I ever was then.
My last chance at joy, my last real smile,
you are the silliness and you are the beauty.
It was your presence that brought it all out
the incoherent ramblings and unspoken mumblings
I don't know why I'm writing this anyway
Its not like it matters anymore anyway.

My eyes open to those tunes you named after me,
I heard them then, and I see them now
They play in my dreams, faraway from the grasp of wakefulness
When dreams and realities crash, its often reality that emerges victorious
But, the fallacy is of the mind,
it can't even live without the very same dreams.
Have you ever noticed that fears grow stronger when spoken or written about
I don't know why I'm writing this anyway
Its not like you are going to notice the change.

I thought pain came only once in a lifetime
you kept saying that I was being immature.
You said you want things, its either all or nothing
I said you were not being pragmatic.
You said life always gives a second chance,
I said once, is all you get
You hoped for all
I accepted nothing.
We never realized when we both fell apart
And when we finally did, it hurt you too much.
Once you've been with the wrong person in life,
I'm sorry, but everything seems wrong after that.
I don't know why I'm writing this anyway
Its like purgatory, only if you accept it that way.


Anonymous said...

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Aniruddha said...

bahut khub .. I can literally feel the pain !

J said...

In your place am not, so cant come closer to know the pain. Can only imagine it to be very deep.
As your friend, would have liked to lessen the pain and the void that is there. But whtever you say and think the best is and hope things work out nicely.
Just to share a lesson my friend life has taught and you might already know, our happiness lies in our own hands and relying for our happiness on some one else can only make us dependent. Strong and wise you are. All I wish for is for things to be fine soon.

pragni~dreamcatcher~ said...


j- arey, its not like i'm in some great pain yaar.. its just a verse..blind people write about sunsets, does nt mean they've seen it.. well and meri billi mujhi ko miyaon?? ofcourse our happiness lies in our own hands, YOU need to understand that, and not make yourself susceptible to pain inflicted by others..

J said...

Arey chhoti, bhool gayi woh baat jo apun ne ki thi. Aur tunay likh diya void. Hmmm happiness ka right mein tujhey hi msg de raha tha n reminder.
Anyways chhod usko.

anu said...

well written
hv always loved the way u find the perfect words for every verse tht u write..
i love you..