Monday, July 17, 2006

thnks everyone

for some weird reason i cant connect to any blogspot address. I'm posting thru e-mail, just to let those ppl worrying abt me know that i am safe and unharmed in the mumbai blasts. its nice to see virtual friends care so much abt real life events. Thanks ani, thanks evenstar and thank you to everyone else who bothered to worry abt me. hope everyone who u guys know are fine.

i will keep trying to blog here as soon as i get thru the server. have a lot of drafts lined up!!


Aniruddha said...

oh thank god ! I was really worried ..its been so long... I visited ur blogs almost everyday hoping to see a new post ... good to know that u r safe & sound .. waiting for all those posts :)

pragni~dreamcatcher~ said...

hello am back.. some smart person on metblogs showed me how i can access site thru some proxy or something.. will get to posting now..!!