Saturday, July 08, 2006


There was this sudden blackout in entire Juhu area last night. Now, most people will say that in India, this is not quite a novelty, but this powercut was so sudden and at 11 in the night, that it kind of scared the wits out of me.

The blackout was all over Juhu, coz from my window I could see the inky black surrounding all around my building. I could see lights on a hoarding far away on the D.N.Road junction. Even Ram Jharokha, which normally always has a generator which works effectively the minute there's a powercut was pitch black. S.V.Road too looked like it was immersed in darkness. The surprising thing was that the sky was a dark, angry orange while below the skyline it was coaly black. I couldn't capture these colours from my camera phone though :(

I dont know why I got scared for those 25 to 30 minutes. All of a sudden the manhole, the thief and other horrifying things crossed the clean slate of my mind.

Since I obviously could not read myself to sleep, nor do anything productive, I went hunting in the apartment for a matchbox. I had stocked my room with candles but like a fool I had forgotten that I'd need a matchbox to light it up!!
I just lit a candle and prepared to talk myself into sleeping (as in I called a friend up and asked him to talk to me till I went to sleep) and the lights came on.

Jubilantly I blew out the candle and stocked up on matchbox too. No fumbling alone in the house for matchboxes from next time!!


blackout said...

There is some useful tips on the apartment power outage page.

Atul Varaskar said...

Damn that sudden blackout made me so furious, was installing windows Xp on my pc some withing 5 more mins the installation would have been over and bang theres a blackout everything down the overflowing mumbai drains (:P0.
Had to redo the installation next day.

p.s me lives in juhu lane :)

Shayon™ said...

Hey... heard there ws some furore in mum yest owing to the shiv sainiks? is tht true?

pragni~dreamcatcher~ said...

Blackout-whoever u r, its not tht severe here, so its pretty ok, but thanks for the help anyway.

Atul- me too juhu lane!! u must have figured by my description!! We hardly have such phase outs dont we?? I dont understand what happened that day!!

Shayon-yeah. ShivSainiks at play again. I have written a blog entry on that at

check it out, u ll get to know all tht it is

Selma Mirza said...

pragni, do check your gmail icb (not mentioning the full form here) account asap. get in touch with me.

Aniruddha said...
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Aniruddha said...

hope u r doing fine & everything is ok after the blasts ?

Flypig said...

Hey your description of the sky matches the pic comented on my blog