Monday, May 22, 2006

the stage show, and wardrobe malfunction

the stage show was yesterday.. i ll try putting the pictures up whn i get thm.. i should be able to see the pics today. last day of the camp today.. i cant believe its over.. i have no idea wht i m gonna do with my days now.

the stage show.. good it was havoc.. but it was organized havoc.. organized chaos.
mmm.. i dunno wht more to say abt it.. ok maybe i should give a full account from the beginning.

we started with takin the kids to the audi in a huge bus. on the way there we played antakshari.. ate a lot of cake.. got lost in the inroads and had fun. somehow no one seemed to be in any kind of tension. not the kids, not the instructors, not me.. nobody.

once we reached there.. i got busy with getting ready for my first dance.. lots of makeup, lots of jewellry and lots of alta(red mehendi on the feet and hand) and we were ready.

whn we descended on the stage, we found out tht the CD was nt playing in their player. the audi had an p;d player hence the cd system was bad. thnkfully i had brought my player with us and we put a mike on it and started the show. thn we found out tht the lights were nt good. god knows y they were charging us so much.

thn whn we were ready to go on stage.. as in one foot inside the stage, we realized there was no one to handle the player. so for my own dance, i started the music and thn took the place on the stage. all the while our dance lasted i kept wondering if Heena miss (my dancing teacher) had made it. well our dance got over.. we made a few mistakes which i guess the audience would nt have noticed but the experts did.

the rest of the prog started. i ave no idea abt the prekshyadyaan(meditation) and yoga, coz once my dance got over i got down to dressing the kids up. all the dances were good. ppl loved thm..

during salsa a girl's skirt came off (wardrobe malfunction), as a matter of fact i had put the skirt on her, it was mine, and i had put plenty of pins to hold it up.. it just came half way undone.. and her mom rushed on stage to pin it up on her. i pulled her offstage. the girl broke down. whn she was on the stage and her skirt was coming off, she was well composed and cool, but the minute we puled her off, she started bawling in my arms. she was a big girl around 14 years of age, consious abt her dignity. we righted her skirt and put her back on stage but the dance was over by thn.

the kids came off the stage, and went to the greenroom, and thn called for me. they very simply told me, "didi, one request, please lets do salsa again. please didi"

it broke my heart to see their desperation, and lifted my spirit whn i saw their dedication. i decided their and thn, tht salsa will happen again. i went up and told anu didi and mom tht salsa has to happen again. and it did. and it was a hit. they did it damn well.

i was nt able to see any performance at all. except the last finale dance, rang de basanti.. it rocked.. ppl loved it.. everyone loved it..

i loved it. i am so glad it all paid off. things were good, no great.

wish chintan bhai was there to see it, wish ritu, anu, jatin, ri, were there to see it. i missed thm all so much through it all.


J said...

Cool!!! the show was good. I always wanted to see one of ur shows yaar. Anyways good to know it went well. One good thing was that Salsa happened again. also ur relation with ur students is really good. Yeah the wardrobe malfunction was really a sad part. But hope everyone ones out of it soon.

'nonnymus said...

Sounds exactly the kind of harum scarum, crazy, wonderful way you can be expected to do things you do. maybe i'll see it someday and proudly beam at u from the audi stands... uh and your 'kids' too i guess ;)

creative genius said...

would be really wondeful to see the show... especially it was organized by u and my dearest mummy ....

i can get the picture from ur description...

good going keep it up..

Aniruddha said...

hey sounds like a Grrrrreat show to me ! I am sure at the end of the day what audience will remember are the performances and not small silly things like that wardrobe malfunction ...

well, you have mentioned so much about Salsa and Rang De Basanti .. just curious what was your dance ? Was it like a classical dance like Katthak or ... ?

pragni~dreamcatcher~ said...

hmm mine was the welcome dance, sorta classical and a lil bit fusion.. can also be called a prayer dance. Classical as in Bharatnatyam.