Tuesday, May 09, 2006

bone-tired and loving everyminute of it

so camp has started.. each and every limb and muscle of my body seems to be shrieking in pain and agony. its only the third day and i feel like i v been thru a million camps.
i had never thought that i could take this on. never thought that i could take so much on, i am now not only teaching dance but also drama and aerobics and i dunno wht more i will put my finger into. i had neevr thought that there would be 60 students under me. i had never thought that i d b an prganizer in such a place. god..

it is shocking..

everynight i sit on the comp to see which step will go next.. dont get me wrong.. im not complaining.. i m bragging. i love every exhausting minute of it. from rushing from one problem to another and handling one class to another. its a cycle, a never ending cycle chronicle of events, problems, issues, preferences and god knows wht.

our team is fabulous, our coordination is fantastic, our cooperation is flawless and our understand is marvellous. we rag each other all time, indulge in silly stupid games and languages, eat together, teach together and solve problems together. i ll write in detail about the team in the next post.wht each one does. for me it feels like my entire gang is in this camp. and i dint even realize whn this happened.

and i never thought tht the day would come whn i d say the magic words, "ma'am, we are sorry, admissions are full. no more place"

god i love every minute of it.


J said...

The results from the past have shown up and this certainly seems an indication. Its a good sign with you loving ur work as well. This certainly will be a good experience for you and offcourse for ur students as well. Way to go. Enjoy..........

creative genius said...

So finally u got the camp as u wanted it to be...
and i can just say its all a reward you get when u work hard. It really great to know that u love it so much. Its nice that u have a good team too. The best part is that u have to say no to any more admission. .. that in itself shows how much ppl are intersed in joining it..

good going and keep up the good work.