Saturday, February 25, 2006

riding on the wind..

yesterday.. my riding lesson was just too good.. i learned how to change gears.. how to take a smooth turn.. n i could take a u-turn but only with assistance.. i kick-started the bike for the first time.. well thts another thing tht i could nt do it again..
i drove for almost an hour.. thn i had theory lessons.. lol.. we sat on the bike.. face to face.. as if we were sitting on the floor and discussed how the gears shaft works.. y the engine kept knocking.. how the front brakes are for the front wheel n how we could topple over if i applied thm..

shrirang says tht i ll truly learn how to ride the bike the day i tell him saamne se tht i wanna ride the bike now.. he said it might hurt his ego whn i d ask for it frm him.. but it d make him proud too.. n tht he d let me.. he believed tht i dont have the confidence.. else i m fine at riding it.. well thts not anything new to me.. its my lack of confidence which has held me back frm the car too right.. well.. he said he would see to it tht i d drive the car n ride the bike before i left for USA.. hmm i m glad.. but i am skeptical too..

i came home.. all excited to talk abt my evening.. but i realized tht i could nt tell mom or dad about it.. they are a little scared abt it.. not that they v asked me not to learn to ride.. but they expressed concern.. n some fright.. it would do better to not talk abt it to thm.. they get tht uncomfortable face everytime i start to describe my lessons.. like they r squirmish or something.. like i m learning to cook non veg food..

a few days before tht i drove on the vashi bridge.. for almost 3 kms.. tht was mostly assisted riding.. with me just leading the way.. but thts wht paved the path for yesterday..
all these memories.. i'm filing away.. into my mind.. to retrieve whn i that it ll stay with me forever..

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Jatin said...

Do anything but dont dont forget to learn a car before coming to US. Learn howmuch ever you want, but before coming to US make sure you have ur license and know driving.Otherwise you may have a tough time here.