Monday, October 20, 2008

A quick unfinished story

Friends Forever. Turned into blossoming infatuation. Forever couple. Is it love? Maybe not yet..

Distance, misunderstandings, arguments, fights and lies. A couple broken before love could happen. Friends again. Happy for each other's happiness.

He falls for someone again. She is happy with someone else again. They are happy in their own worlds. What could be, is a question and a doubt that will forever remain unexplored. A chance meeting, a stolen kiss. Nothing more, back to their happy worlds.

Kids turn into adults. Turn of maturity. Time for permanency. He is thinking of marrying his girl, she is still looking for love, although just happy with someone else.

A sudden encounter. It tears her up that his intense feelings for her are now for someone else. It tears him up that she was never this happy with him. A stolen night.

A few days, stolen from the world. Guilt. Knowledge that this could work. All it needs is effort.

But its too late now. Back into the worlds they built. The doubt, the question will forever remain incomplete. Because just a few days are not enough. They were forever friends. The forever part had magnanimous implications. Torn souls, forced into being friends.

Not happy as more than that, unhappy at less than that.


Satish Mantha said...

could be a 4-part 3hr-each YC series! :P

p.s.: any point tried to be made?

Prasoon said...

Leaves me speechless. Nicely n carefully worded n indeed is true...

IdeaSmith said...

Ten years ago I'd have sighed and said "Star-crossed lovers". Now I just think that we complicate our own lives.

You coping up, love?

~The Dream Catcher~ said...

Satish - NO YC here!! Its a random "if" scenario which became a story..

Prasoon - Thanks!! :)

Idea - You are back!! *Jiggety jig* I dont think they are star crossed lovers, just very real people, with real conflicts. And yes, we always always complicate our lives, in the effort to entertain or simplify it in the first place!!

Satish Mantha said...

??! :O okkkk..

anu said...

Very true...Even I know some who are in such real scenarios. though the later part is yet to happened. But looks like the story is already written.. meant to happen. Its human to complicate i guess :P But why? why cant life be just as simple, transparent as it could be. No emotions hidden. THE SOCIETY!!