Monday, March 03, 2008

Sometimes it must be nice to be a guy..

Forgive the stereotyping but...

Muscle doesn't look bad on you.

If it's hot, all you have to do is go bare.

That you have a big stomach is of no concern to you when you have to wear your swimming trunks.

If you get a ticket while driving, no one says, "obviously... male driver"

If you ask where the brakes and accelerator are in a new country and a new car, you are not ridiculed.

You don't have to worry about some piece, any piece, of clothing being transparent.

When you binge eat, you do not entertain and welcome thoughts of throwing up.

You don't call it binge eating.

It's ok if you forget small details and dates.

If someone asks you if you have a child, you can easily get away with, "Not that I know of.."

You don't have to bother about bleeding.

Or not bleeding.

You don't have to worry about what the eff are Manolos and Burnheck, Burnbeck? Burnham? uhhh.

There's more I can add to this list, but considering that this is a family place, I'll keep the mouse in the house ( wink for those who understood that), but if you want to add any, be my guest commentor.


Anonymous said...

well, i'd completely agree with some of those with love and hatred (u know what n towards who), some hurt me (cuz i figured i've said those to u! :(, but in hope that u remember what i followed those comments with) and some i agree cuz of disgust on our race (u know these too).. :-)

what the F are Manolos and Burnheck?

all i can say is: 1. u think too much,
2. i'd not say those again to u n follow up on the follow-ups,
3. u think too much,
4. u think too much,...

Satish Mantha said...
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Satish Mantha said...
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Satish Mantha said...

i don't agree with many of them.. talk to me reg those.. :D we can hav a nice arguement.. :P

mouse in the house? :)) what're u talking abt?! fundamental question! ROTFLMAO maxxx!

Ashwin said...

Well, the fact the you wrote "Forgive the stereotyping" at the beginning didn't change my reaction to this post.
Obviously, you are right to say those things, but from a woman's perspective.
If I were to write such a post, I could probably write a lot. Stuff like, "Sometimes it must me nice to be a girl....
All you have to do is look hot to get away with just a warning.
You can wear a suit, a kurta.....anything.... but a saree or a skirt would look laughable on a guy.
You can create a scene at any place, at any time by accusing the opposite number of wrongdoing(not that you would).

Again, it's all about how we look at such things. Any guy, girl, gay, lesbian, alien, beggar can make such lists depending on his/her point of view.

All in all, a very open, frank post. I just love the way you think, but you think too much.

Nice closing statement by the way. I think I'm one of the very few who might get that. There was no need to "be nuts","come out","show brain"!

IdeaSmith said...

:-D I liked it. 'Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

well you forgot the most important thing...if you are a guy...who the f*** cares if you are a virgin or not before marriage...;)...and whether you clean the house or cook...

Satish Mantha said...

@ priyanka: the guy himself cares if he's a virgin or not before getting married. it's about how u want to present urself to ur spouse. it's about treating ur spouse, not the person but the position, as ur family even before some he/she takes hold of that position. it's in our blood and culture, though many evade it. however, a girl can be posed the same questions too! :-)

Anonymous said...

Satish..i was talking to my friend...the comment was for her..
(Ps: pls save the trouble of replying back coz i dont want this to be some discussion board...its a blog and am sure the owner would prefer to keep it that way)

Anonymous said...

lmao !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wat a put down !!!:P

Ashwin said...

@priyanka - I was actually going to say this before you yelled at Pinky(Satish), but I'll say it anyway.
Like I said before, the list could get endless, but any person regardless of sex,color, sexual preference can make such a list na. I totally 100% agree with Pinky.

LMAO all the way!

Pragni~The Dream Catcher~ said...

anon1- I know.. but the fact is that you can say those follow-ups to me coz its me!! If I would be genetically engineered different, I would prolly be on that side too!!

Pinks-why not have an argument here so that others can give their two bit in too!! Expected you to get that one!!

A- I liked the statements you made, that could work from your point of view, except for the first one. And that kind of ruined the entire effect. My statements are all very realistic, and so are the rest of yours.. but the warning one, you know is not.
And yes, it is about how we look at things. Wish there were lists from others point of views too. That would be fun!!
Thank you and yea.. the last comment was for us fans of friends..

Idea- Thankoo!

Pri - same error as ashwin.. these are realistic statements. One thing I can take from yours though.. If you are a guy, you dont need to worry about being found out on not being a virgin but I guess thats an age old situation now..

Pinks- Hmm.. age old situation like I said.. also, I dont agree with you too.. its not something that's "cared about" anymore..

Pri-!!!! I encourage interaction by the way!! Pinks, the floor is yours!!

Anon2 - which will be whooped pretty soon.. by the way, you do know about the statement that is meant for you in this post right?

A - Sigh.

Satish Mantha said...

@ priyanka: even if u didn't know who i was, i did not talk anything impolite in that! :-( man! u're rude or what! u owe me a biiiiigggg treat for this. :P :-)

@ pragni1: well, ob'ly, i digged that. :P aah! i hate explaining jokes!

@ pragni2: floor is mine! kewl.. u will run for ur lives when i start dancing! :D [metaphorically, in this case! ;)]

Nirav Kanodra said...

where are the brakes and accelarator? you must be kidding me. Anyone who asks this would be the biggest laughing stock for the rest of their lives (if he were male)
For women it might be excused.

Ashwin said...

@ Nirav
Your comment made me laugh. One piece of advice, read the post again, understand it, then comment. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt this time.

Shrey said...

The comments seem to be more interesting than the post here. :)

Achoo said...

hi, got here through desipundit. just one bone to pick,err.. who said its okay if we forgot small details and dates?