Sunday, February 10, 2008


It's like different pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, which has a way of falling in place.

It's like a complicated game of Sudoku, which has a way of all just fitting in together.

Its like a beautiful song, where each word and sentence are written to complete the whole.

It's like a a strong coil of rope, where each individual strand is inter-twined.

It's like looking around you, and knowing, this is right. This is real.

It's like looking up at a comment passed by someone else, and knowing that all of us are thinking the exact same extension to that thought.

It's like reaching a point where its all about pulling through, and we do it together, for the love of each other.

It's like

It IS family. My Family here.

For once, I wished Pal would actually go ahead and start her blog, so that you could read her version of it, because trust me, when she writes, she floors the reader. And for once, I really really really wish Dhum would let his words come out to us, for I know he has worded his thoughts, and his thoughts, are beautiful, way beyond beautiful. His words can be magic, and would be magic for me.
And I am so glad, so so so glad that Pik has written this. It shows how the entire episode was processed in his brain.

But all of these would show just the tip of the iceberg of their thoughts, and the rest? is just for our gumbal to scuba-dive and explore.


Satish Mantha said...

my experiences and the way i defined my first circles have been different. now, u can see what a gumbal means - family! :-)

let's floor pal to blog n then let her floor us as her readers.. ;-)

keep ur emotions intact n i'm sure dhum would word to u reg this in summer at least, when he's free! :D

Pragni~The Dream Catcher~ said...

Pik- Yes lets. And about Dhum, we'll see, I live in eternal hope..