Monday, May 14, 2007

Chota muh aur badi baat...

It's been a while.. but a summer camp with about 90 children and dancing 9 hours with them everyday can do that to people. And it can do a lot more. Like rob your voice and reduce it to squeaks and hoarse grunts alternatively..

I had always heard that the best pearls of wisdom's come from children. This last week has proved it true to me. Wonder what the next week and the ensuing finale next Sunday will teach me.

Some nuggets:

Me: "Ria, DANCE"
Ria: Emphatically shakes her head to denote "NO"
Me: "Why????"
Ria: "I don't have a partner. No one can do anything without a partner"

Me: "It's dedicated to your mothers, beta, you should do the dance so well that..."
Kid: Completes for me " so well that you can feel the mummies.."

Me: "Rahul, what religion costumes can you bring for the national integration Dance?"
Rahul: "Didi I can bring South Indian Lungi, Muslim Skull cap, Brahmin Janoi and my Daddy's American jeans too"

A 14 year old kid dropped his entire tiffin box and the Bhaji inside on the floor. But it surprised me to see tears in his eyes.
Me: "Why are you crying, I'll give you something else to eat, you won't go hungry"
Kid: " I dropped and wasted all that bhaji, and there are so many millions who dont have enough to eat a single time."

Me: "Rianshi, I am going to kidnap you and take you home with me"
Rianshi: "Ok, Didi, but don't give Mummy visitation rights"

Me: "Ashwin sit down"
Ashwin: stands, looks right up and into my eyes for a full minute
Me: "Ashwin SIT DOWN"
Ashwin: bends his knees and half squats
Me: "Huh??? What are you doing??"
Ashwin: " Na aap ka, na mera. I'm neither standing nor sitting down!!"

Kid: "Didi, my I have loose motions, I can't do Karate. Can I lie down please? I even feel like vomiting.."
Me: "Alright, " I make a bed for him while he stands
Kid: sitting on the bed, "Can I have a Vadapao before I sleep??!!!"

Kid1: "Didi, why won't you come next year? Are you getting married?? "
Me: "No beta, I might not be in India"
Kid2: "Are you getting married abroad then?"
Me: "No, I'm going to study, for two years."
Kid1: "Then you must come. Nothing is as important as marriage. And if you are not getting married, then there is no other reason to not dance!!"

One older kid even made a flower out of Paper for me and sent another small kid to give it to me. Lil' kiddo gives it to me and says mysteriously, "To Pragni Didi, from H"

Made me smile the entire day...

One little punk, all of 6 years old, puts his head down on the bench. When called for snacks he says, "Pehle batao snacks mein kya hai, phir sochunga!!"

Another, goes up to the karate sir and sayd, "Yeh koi time hua aaneka?? itna late kyu hua??"Befuddled the instructor replies, "But I was called at this time only.."
Pat comes the reply, "Oh then it's fine"


Prasoon said...

Cute :)

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oh there's so much more!!