Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Your Love and Mine..

For the guy who has been my constant support system from the last 6 years or more.

For the guy who sat with me in a shack, while I cried, at times when I hardly ever cried. And he just sat with the stranger because she was a fellowmate in the military camp.

For the guy who became a part of my family, with his helpful way of wanting to do everything for my me and my parents.

For the guy who has erred unfailingly and regularly, but has forgiven me too when I have erred, and not admitted it.

For the guy who has given me some of the most brilliant memories ever.

For the guy who just flatly refuses to read my blog.

For the guy who could never properly meet my brother, which is something I have always regretted.

For the guy who has been the most amazing best friend ever, the most wholesome best friend, who has not taken my grief, given me grief, fought with me, harassed me, irritated me, and cherished our friendship more than anything else.

For the guy who my other friends call a variety of names, from Chottu, Bandook Boy, Bhai, Ram Bhaiyya, and lots more.

For you on your birthday, though I know you wont be reading this ever.

I know we are not supposed to, but Thank you.


You grabbed my hand and pulled me in from the center of the road..
You kept me warm and heated whn my nose and fingers were chilling from the cold

You rode me along the beach and thn dipped ur feet in the water with me..
We climbed the rocks together and spoke abt everything & nothing- just letting me be

You brought me pretty nothings and significant small things..
We sat hours together sipping coffee unaware of our surroundings

You chatted with me for hours on the phone and together the deep night we brought..
You waited for me to go to sleep while on the phone just so u could hear my last thought

You kissed me on my forehead and made my heart burn..
You gave me unconditional love without asking anything back in return

You say you'll always love me.. and I say tht I'll never be able to..
You say you'll someday marry me.. I say I'll decide you'll marry who

I know you love me.. I know you care deeply
I know you wait for me to trust you.. I know I already do

You'll always be my bestfriend.. someone I'll always turn to..
Even if I never fall in love with you.. you'll always be my end

Something I wrote long long long back, on my old blog.


creative genius said...

a very sincere and heart warming post...
its really great to have such good friends whom u can cherish for u life...

Melody said...

Hey Pragni, sorry this comment is not related to the post - just thought I’d give you a heads up on the Blog Party happening in Mumbai on June 9th 2007.

Please check my blog for more details: http://www.thevoiceinmyhead.com/2007/05/23/its-blog-p-a-r-t-y-time/

Hope to see you there! And DO spread the word!

Pragni~The Dream Catcher~ said...

Creative Genius- you bet!!

Melody- Sure

Shreerang said...

what ever u say
how come it is always very true,
having a coffee was a reason for you,
but for me it was reason to spend some time with you,
yes you are right that i was waiting to hear ur last thought,
so i can go to sleep thinking abt the same too.
n as i always used to say tht time and i say it right now that
yes sweetheart i love you too.....................miss u tonz