Wednesday, December 20, 2006

My first film..

So I'v been away. Not away as in out of town, but away from my blog. Coz another baby occupied my time up entirely. I was sitting on the computer day in and day out, but I forgot to log on to the internet all those times. I was still straining my eyes while I poured over the comp screen, but I forgot my blog address and my inbox altogether.

I was too busy making my first film. It's a raw kind of film, made from still picture clippings, and mixed with my voice over and a sound piece which i had to search and search for. But it's the first film I have made from start to finish, meaning editing, sounds, directing (if you can call it that) and voice over. Its not fiction.. but I dont think its non-fiction too. My prof believes that it's not a very good film yet, he says I can do better than this if I want to present the film to anyone. Hmm.. so here is the link and the embedded window too. Whichever works..


Jimit Shah said...

Not fair. No comments received over the last 3 or 4 days on such a marvellous first attempt.
Pragni - This was pretty cool. As they say, there's room for improvement - But very awesome for a first take.
Keep it up!!!

J said...

Hey, well this seems to be a good film, and especially when you have done everything from start to end, bcoz u r thinking developing every small part of it alone.
Visuals - good,
Background sound - good. It suits the concept.
Dialogue - its good a bit more can be put into.
Hmm, abt ur prof, it depends on wht is it that he thinks would work better. It is better to knw from him, wht he is looking for.
Overall a good work I would say and whn u have done eveything by urself.

pragni~dreamcatcher~ said...

jimit- i cant blame anyone for the no comments status. When I first completed the film, I was overawed by it. But the more I see it, the more I'm put of by it.

J- Visuals, Voiceover and effects, all could have been better. If there is one thing that is perfect in this film its the Background score, the music.

I do hope it's muchmuch better next time.

Anonymous said...

hello. i like it a lot. notes:
comments: you sound good, but the monologue is quite fast paced. i would love to have a moment to pause and ponder yor words in the light of the video, but its a bit hard to cos you re speaking to fast. on the upside if you could just slow down a bit you are halfway to sounding as good as morgan freeman in his fantastic voice over for "march of the penguins".
Video: too bloody for me. but i guess thats wat u were going for. my favorite still by far is the one with the two trains in a motion blur where you feel like you are standing in between them.

*whee you are a movie maker*

J said...

I wanted to mention earlier, but then thought I wud say now. U know whtever thing u do and especially from start to end, there is always and always going to be room for improvement. And that is how u learn and make things better the next time.
U have done a good job n may be next time it may be much better.

sillysneha said...

i saw a lot of films on the riots n mumbai in crisis n blah blah this yr..i think one thing that stands out about ur movie was the music...

ur voice is lovely n i think u r a good speaker.. but i think it was a lil too dramatic, it could hav been a lil slower n clearer, not all ur words can be understood..

i like the order of the images, it guides the viewer well..

dont hate ur work.. love to hate ur mistakes n learn from them!

luv ya!

anu said...

i liked the background score the best..suited it perfectly i think..the images were gud..ur commentary cud nt b understud at was gud at others..
all in all i think it was a very gud first attempt..keep it up..take care..

pragni~dreamcatcher~ said...

Divi- you came, you came, you came.. oh my god.. oxygen..

ok enough melodrama.. i agree.. my monologue is too fast paced.. next time i intend to let the pictures and the music speak for itself.. but for tht i ll require master photography.. and yes.. the effect of bllod was wht i was aiming for. so if its too gory for u.. thn i v achieved tht part of it atleast.

j- i intend to make next time not only much better but much much better

sneha- u liked my voice!! i thought it sounded absolutely different frm wht it sounds to me. but ofcourse i have a lot of margin there for being wrong. the music is haunting. I'm glad i foraged for it and found the perfect piece. i dont really hate my work.. but i see the entire thing as a mistake.. so i hate it. and yes i can see a lottt of scope for improvement which i will try to work on.

anu-everything i'v said above works for u too..

Anonymous said...

Hey Pragni,

nice work, I must say! good to see some original work .. nice background sound and wonderful theme ... I love that 'falling it was rain, having fallen it was blood' line .. according to me, its the best line you have in there ... nice overall effect ...

A few tips for improvement through I think you need to give the users to sink in the pictures and sound ... so it needs to be a little slower ... you need to pause more while talking, it will make more impact as it will let others to realize and grasp what you are saying before going on to the next line .. maybe add more echo to your voice so it sounds more thicker / add more base .. its important to have a deep voice for such a movie ...

but you have done a great job ! A pat on the back :)

pragni~dreamcatcher~ said...

Ani- Thanku!!! And will keep the rest in mind.. I was first too much in love with my film to notice the flaws.. but I can see them now.. and will make a better piece next time!!

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean ... its tough to look at your own creations as a third person .. its so damn tough ! I know since I have recently started karaoke and its tough to spot the mistakes and areas of improvements .. need some third person to tell them .. visit my blog, would really appreciate your comments ..

Pramod Rane said...

Great video. Passionate. your voice had all the elements in it to convey the message.


pragni~dreamcatcher~ said...

thnks pramod, but its not that good..

Mangesh said...

Well, well, well. I hunted out your blog when I saw your video featured in a new video site called

You need a password to access the site at the moment and one of our ex-students is a content developer. Will ask her if I am allowed to give you the password(Unless you have one, of course)

Pragni, your film IS good, though you and I, both know that you are capable of doing much better. I also liked your blog on Waiphad. However, the issues there are too complicated to be explored in such a short description. I liked your description of me as a visual hungry person. I hope you too turn into one whenever you are making a film.

Pragni~The Dream Catcher~ said...

WOW.. thanks sir, one for unearthing my video somewhere and for visiting my site.

About the film, I can see so many errors now, after Bharari, I see a million things I could have done differently. And I'd love to turn visual hungry. I think I am being like that, coz these days every thing I see I wonder if i could photograph it.. I dunno if thats the beginning of it or not, but it sure is a powerful emotion..