Sunday, September 03, 2006

Stupid stupid Farah Khan

Celebrity Host, Celebrated Choreographer, One-film Old Director and Established Dancer Farah Khan choreographed a dance performance for Shakira in the MTV Awards recently.

The performance starts with a few Bharat Natyam poses. There are two stooges behind Shakira, and all three then get into a few, what-is-supposed-to-be-picturesque, steps and then she grabs the microphone to resume her normal belly shaking flavor of dancing in tune with her very popular number, "Hips Don't Lie". While the performers behind, switch from Bharat Natyam to Belly Dancing and back to Bharat Natyam and then back to Belly Dancing.

Farah Khan (I never did like her style of dancing too much anyway) has erased whatever little bit respect she had from the minds of any dancer. Being a Bharat Natyam dancer and a Latin Ballroom dancer myself, I can point out the smallest of mistakes and crimes(for the lack of a better word) that Khan has committed by choreographing this song.

Was she trying to mix Indian and Latino style dancing?? Was she trying to commercialize India's much-respected folk dances, or was she trying to simply make a mark in the international arena with the thought that "Any publicity is good publicity". Did she forget that Indians too would be seeing this performance?? Did she forget her own sense of (however little) styling and polishing in dances?? It looks like Khan just jumped and grabbed the chance to choreograph an international star and in the process, she completely, completely forgot her dance moves and the art too.

Shakira is a good performer because she has a good stage presence(even in a shiny pink Ghaghra Choli). She can pull off anything, and still leave her mark, but even from the initial steps one can make out that what she is doing, is really not her cup of tea.

The girls behind are.. never mind.
They add a certain touch to the performance. The touch of vulgarity. I was thoroughly, thoroughly shocked when I observed their moves. They are made to wear orange Ghaghra Cholis and Mang Tikkas and everything only to gyrate Indian-style to the number. Don'T get me wrong, I do like the song myself, but only when it falls strictly in the realm of Western Music. I mean, don't the Event Managers see the dance to be performed and comment on it or anything, or don't they try to monitor each performance??

What, for heaven's sake, is happening to Indian artists.. Sheeeeesh!!

Moral of the Story : Farah Khan is better off judging celebrities who dance to entertain the TV Masses, losing weight and gaining pimples on her skin. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE KEEP HER AWAY FROM INTERNATIONAL ARENA AND THE HUMILIATION SHE BRINGS TO INDIA.

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J said...

I understand ur reaction on this and how you feel as u r in this field n something that u always loved. Well am no expert on the subject, the only thing that makes me wonder is how come she came this far.

thief said...

u totally fool,insulting like nothing,she is dead cool,she will show everyone just gv a chance to her,u jealous of her popularity tht's it,u freak

Anonymous said...

lol. i dont usually comment in order to save your readers from my generally callous viciousness and lack of literary acumen. but i had to. hips dont lie, belly dancing, and the immmense power of dance as a tool of representation, communication and identity! all as close to my heart as it gets.(there's also icecream. but thats irrelevant here...)there really is no reason for her to try to be representative of INDIA. theres no reason to be angry over how she told shakira to do her thing.. its just dance. thats how it works. some ppl like what they see and some dont.