Thursday, September 21, 2006

GRE n more..

I have started my GRE classes. Which mean that I'm seriously putting in effort to do well in the exam. Which also means that I am face to face with my glaring inadequacy. Which is that I'm not only terrible in math, Quant whatever you want to call it, I'm also not as good as I thought I was in verbal. My prof (don't-call-me-sir-but-Karan) has told me that he will spank me if I say that, since he (just like everyone) expects more than that for me. Thank God he doesn't read my blog.

Well the classes have psyched me. After my first class, I decided that I would not blog unless I studied for three hours in a day. Now this turned out to be a no-gainer coz by the time I finished the stipulated three hours after my exhausting college day, it would be well past 2 in the night. Plus I would be too pooped to be able to get the laptop on and running and then go blog. My priorities just changed over night.

One day I was declaring my blog addiction and the next day on, I was totally off them!! Yes I missed the goddamn blogosphere but I held myself off. And I did numbers, ratios, proportions, percentages and circles. And I did word-lists and analogies and RC's.

I know all you masters achieved engineers out there are rolling your eyes, or chuckling at me and thinking, "Oh we've been through that rigmarole" but that does not make my life easier!!

I wonder if all this is worth it. I wonder if this aloofness I've developed regarding my college and college work is worth the hard work put in for just going to the yonder world to study.
I now understand why its impossible to do or co-ordinate anything along with GRE studies.
I now understand why its imperative to study for hours at a stretch when preparing for GRE.
I now understand why my future roomie (hoping against hopes) has been holed up at home from the last month preparing for his upcoming GRE on 25th. He refused to even go out for dinner with the entire group. Now I understand why, and now I respect him more for it.
I now understand why I hate maths. Really.


J said...

Hmmm Blogging. Kuchh paane ke liye kuchh khona padta hai. i know this doesnt work always. ;-).
I too hate GRE thinking wht aptitude they wanted to test and whether all that was useful.
Whether we hate or love, one imp thing in GRE is tat it requires lot of practice, solving lot of test in the stipulated time.
Verbal irritates the techies and maths irriates u. People have expectations frm u in verbal coz they knw u r good in verbal then many and can do better in GRE.
Anyways good u understood lot of things abt GRE before time, n now time for u to study.:-).

anu said...

nvr mind gal..put in hard work nw no mtr hw awfully frustratin it is..its 4 the golden future n blah blah blah..u kno the drill no point in my repeatin it..chin up n put in ur best..i know u cn do it..ur the you..take care..hey my prelims startin in the nxt few days,wnt b online 4 quite sum time nw..dnt hv an inkling even of hw am plannin to pass wen i hv soooo much to cover thts my regular rona dhona..u take care..

ritu said...

better late than never ,,, n specially whn u know u haf the potential,,,my past years of engineering has definetly made me learnt to do biggest things in the shortest time... i m sure u will contrive it well,,, u just need to envelope yourself 4 quality time,,n its not impossible,, hard work requires lot but whn its payed,,, thers no comparison to it,,,all the sacrifices one has made suddenly seems elementary in life...i know im being here an education class,, but this is nothing but my self experience,,, n contigous to it,, whtever happens happens 4 the best,,,n i know u know this... just set yourself 4 this only thing,,, n dont worry 4 the rest,, teh rest is always moving behind you... take care n study hard... love you..

creative genius said...

So was this blog after ur 3 hours studying.. or gave up on that idea...
.. I know it’s a pain to study GRE but got to do and as everyone said it for ur future. And regarding the so called aloofness, i guess it’s like GRE has a higher priority over other things till it gets over... I feel the best way to do it is take it as a challenge and do it. just try and do ur best and everything has a reward .. u tht right
Does that sound any motivating sis ?

Ashish said...

hey prags,,,well taking up gre is itself a challenge... hard work is definetly required n thats what makes it have an edge over others...hard work never goes in vain,, u have the potential so just keep the trust on yourself and God,, he will surely give you what is best for you.. take care

Aniruddha said...

been there, done that .. I was in a very similar situation about 4 years back .. is GRE and all this effort worth it ? looking back I think it was worth it .. but again you need to find it out for yourself .. we can just tell you our experiences, I say go for it ! Its worth it !!

pragni~dreamcatcher~ said...

j - whtever it is.. i dunno if i ll be able to live up to ppl's expectations of my verbal abilities..

anu-its not as easy as it sounds.. n i m not tht confident yaar..

ritu-u know wht.. the msg u sent me tht night.. started me going.. the one where u asked me to study well.. go abroad.. n all tht.. i knew wht took u to say tht.. n thts wht started me..

creative genius- bhai, i wrote this blog after more than 4 hours of studying.. toiling..not only ur words.. ur actions are motivating too.. u know wht i m talking abt right??

ashish- thanks yaar..i am trying..

anirudh- i know i know i know.. but i dunno whts gona happen after GRE. some reallly intelligent friends of mine gave it recently and scored real real bad.

Anonymous said...

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