Friday, July 28, 2017

Things I want my daughter to know

I wrote this song years and years and years ago when going through heartbreak. I was confident my first born would be a girl. And I was confident that I wanted her to know what I was going through then, to know that her mom went through the same things that she will one day go through. Genuinely, through the sound of my heart breaking, all I had thought of then was I want my daughter to know that when this happens, it's ok. It's going to be ok. That feeling was so strong then, that years later now, I still remember the exact moment this song formed in my head for her. For E.

Things I want my daughter to know

That this world, it's a beautiful place..
It's crooked and twisted and dark,
but it's got smiles too.

It's got people who use people,
but people who just love too.

That you won't always smile and laugh
but when you cry, you'll be stronger for it

When you'll hurt, it'll hurt bad,
you'll feel that hole in your gut
and your mind will be filled with it - 
it'll hurt so bad, it will shut.

But you'll get over that too
and you'll smile, because baby, 
you'll have a beautiful smile.

There'll be times, when you won't know
you won't understand how things happen
the way they do, but, in the end,
the very end, you'll realize 
everything always works out good.

Every person who enters your life and leaves,
they'll spoil a few songs for you, my love.
But it's ok.. because somewhere along the way
it'll heal, and you'll appreciate it all again.

You'll have memories, 
which while making won't seem worth it.
But years down the line,
you'll thank your stars it happened.

You'll miss the people gone
You'll love every new person
You'll trust all over again, always
You'll recover when it backfires

You'll give up too at some point,
but love, at that point, I hope,
you'll have that person in your life
Who just won't let you, no matter what.

No one will ever love you
the way you will love yourself.
No one will ever understand you
the way, someday, you will understand yourself.

You'll be stubborn, you'll hurt your own self
You'll wake up, and then love yourself
And one day, you will know
That your happiness, is in your hands alone.

But daughter, I am sure
You will make your place in the world
You will make your life
And a family 
and then you will teach them too
Things that you'd want them to know

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