Wednesday, September 30, 2009

is back.

It's been a while. And somethings have changed around here. Some old posts have "disappeared".

I figured, since I was starting afresh after 6-ish months, I might as well remove the traces of what embittered me enough to stop blogging. And not talk about it ever again. So this is the last you will see me mention of the dark days from last august to the much brighter days now.

I toyed setting up a new blog. Hell, I even started one. Two. Or maybe three. But came back here. Cause these are my roots right? If I do ever shift, I will forward the link from here. So I feel like I just packed my roots to a new place and did not uproot totally and set somewhere else.

I've been craving to write. Itching even. I formed posts in my head during this hiatus, and then pretended like I wrote it with the imaginary pen in my head and then dismissed the thoughts. And lost those posts forever. I know, sad right?

What's new in my life will follow in posts to come. Slowly. But the one major change around here is gonna be this - I love my readers. Seriously, I do. But for my well being, and world peace and such, I am going to write like no one is reading. I am not going to depend on readers, I am not going to count on them or write for them. I will just write. For myself.

Because writing is second nature to me. And while in the past too I wrote with reckless abandon, this time around, I bared my soul a bit too much. And sometimes, the universe loves the game of Soul Football. So, I will write keeping my well being in mind. Everyone else will just have to fend for themselves.

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Satish Mantha said...

not very long ago, actually, as you'd said! so, i didn't miss many, as i feared.. :D belated welcome back! :-)